New Years NADAC trial

Lance had a great trial this weekend!  3 runs each day with a perfect Q rate!!!  He's especially enjoying his criteria-free managed contacts!  As of right now I'm just slowing down for the dogwalk and pausing a tiny bit for the aframe, but I'm not saying anything.  His dogwalk actually looked perfect on Saturday and one of the runs on today!  The aframe is much more iffy and Lance usually doesn't get more then 1 front foot in the yellow.  Much more prone to misses and I think he got 2 gifts today!  I'm not sure what I think of it from a safety stand point but at least he's not slamming into a stop and seems to run out of it nicely.  From a managed stand point we got a few gifts today so I know I need to do something differently :)

Happy corgi video!  Several mistakes on my end but he was a good boy and even earned his open chances title!

Vito did not have as great of a trial on Saturday's 3 runs.  I started writing this section on Saturday evening and it was not an uplifting post.  I'm not sure if his performance was due to anxiety, drugs, (I need to write an update post, we recently decreased his Prozac and of course he's still on Clomipramine), or being an idiot from loving to scratch on the astroturf too much (this is the only location he does that too!).  He wasn't doing bad, just holding back and the only real reason I can think of is stress. 

Thankfully today's 2 runs went MUCH better! Vito was still obsessed with the astro turf but once I brought out a toy he was tugging like crazy during his warm ups!  We were able to run into the ring and I had a toller asking to be let go!  The runs we still full of little mistakes but he was happy and running!   Before his 2nd run, chances, I was a little worried as he stared at the leash runner a bit too long but then decided that he really wanted to play after all.  And all running contacts this weekend were solid, even if they weren't quite full speed!  I don't know what accounted for the 180 in attitude but I desperately needed the glimmer of hope.  I'm choosing to think that Vito was tired of his 2011 version and wanted to start out the new year with a bang!

A happy NQ run in Chances:

For comparison: The better of his runs yesterday, a so so Touch n Go run, and the worst, a very sad novice jumpers run yesterday:

andrea  – ( January 2, 2012 at 11:09 AM )  

So CUTE - the idea of running Sally without jumps to slow her down terrifies me ;) Brody would think it was awesome I think - not sure about Thea. Corgi is one little rockstar. Vito looked pretty smooth generally too - i'm sorry he didn't feel as happy as he looked day 1 tho - that's always distressing. Overall looked like a great way to spend new years!

Watch 'em RUN  – ( January 3, 2012 at 1:55 PM )  

I have to say, Vito's running DW is looking pretty amazing! I saw Lance's video on YT, great job!

Kathy  – ( January 4, 2012 at 1:39 AM )  

That looked great and like so much fun, GREAT JOB!!!

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