Vito's Vacation

Adam and I recently got back from a 7 day vacation to Hawaii!

While Vito has slept away from home before, he has only spent 2 nights away from me.  With Vito's anxieties I was very worried about taking this trip.  I have separation anxiety too! 

The dogs were farmed out to different places with Fiona staying in one of the approved fosters for the service dog organization, Lance staying with a short-dog obsessed coworker, and Vito staying with another coworker.  Vito's place also housed twin 4yr old boys, 2 dogs, and a cat.  Vito has met all but the cat before and I took him to their house earlier that week to get familiar with the place.  He was super excited but seemed fine with the boys (whom were very respectful!).  One of the twins commented to his mother that "this one might be hyper around us" and repeated the advice "no balls in the house!"

Worry wasn't necessary.
Vito's report card was a good one.  He was completely relaxed around the kids, even gave kisses every morning.  Never had to go in the car, and while he was left alone a handful of times he at least  demolished a bully stick on one departure.  Apparently he even played with the female lab!!!  At night he was allowed to sleep in bed and she commented that he was the sweetest snuggler ever.

This week since we've gotten him back has been rough on him.  On the positive side I think it is less due to the stress and stimulation of his vacation and more due to the lifestyle of not only having to come to work with me every day this week but having to deal with a very absent mom while there (the "H" litter is at work and puppies=chaos!).  The first full day back home he slept, slept, and slept some more!  Vito decided being anxious wasn't worth it when you're just so tired so he decided to sleep the entire day at work and even a little bit in the car!

Lance and Fiona did just fine although I was worried I wasn't going to get Lance back since she loved him so much!

As for our trip, it was fantastic.  I haven't taken a vacation since living as an adult and it was everything I want a vacation to be.  Namely, doing nothing but going to the ocean every day!  We did go whale watching and while the whales weren't very playful that day, we did see many momma and baby teams, followed closely by a waiting male. Unfortunately the vacation was kinda wasted since the puppies came in to work earlier than I was expecting so now I'm stressed again from puppy care!  Oh well, you can't have anything but good thing to say about a free trip to Maui!

Shenna Lemche AKA Project Leader  – ( January 28, 2012 at 2:05 AM )  

Ah, that looks beautiful! Great timing for a trip too. And free? Major win!

So happy Vito survived life. Sometimes they need vacations too I think. :)

andrea  – ( January 28, 2012 at 4:23 PM )  

Hawaii was one of our favourite trips ever!
and I'm so glad the crew (especially Vito) was ok!

Takie  – ( January 31, 2012 at 9:14 PM )  

Wow! such a wonderful trip! that place looks beautiful.

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Kathy  – ( February 2, 2012 at 12:00 PM )  

I am glad everyone did great what a blessing to have good friends that will do a great job taking care of the puppies....and glad you guys got a beautiful vacation.

Honey the Great Dane  – ( February 3, 2012 at 6:12 PM )  

Oh, I'm so pleased that you had a nice time on holiday! You really deserve some down time after all the stressed you've had on the home front. And it sounds like the dogs enjoyed their "change of scenery too" - yes, even fussy Vito! :-)

Good luck with the new puppies!


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