Lance obedience trial

Not our best day in the ring.  2 NQs and his attitude didn't seem to be fully there either. 

Utility- NQ

Gloves- (#3) Lance takes off for the glove as soon as my hand goes down and my mouth opens.  He drops it a few feet away from me but picks it up immediately to front with it.  I feel like this has happened quite a bit recently and I'm not sure what the problem is.

Article #1- Lance goes out wide to the spread out pile with mine in the center.  Lance always takes forever to find the center one and this time was no exception.  Except after finding it Lance picked it up and walked a few steps towards me before dropping it and staring at me.  I stare at the article and Lance goes back to work the pile except stresses and wanders over to the judge so I call him to me.

Article #2- Much better.  Finds quickly and doesn't hesitate on his return.  He does take a bonus jump on the way out to the pile.

Directed Jumping- 1st go out was crooked in the direction of the glove.  He did cross the ring nicely to take the farther job when asked though!  2nd go out was worse.  Lance started to stop between the jumps so I take a step towards him and resend him.  He goes out again but doesn't seem sure.  Ignores my first sit cue and touches the gate, ignores my 2nd sit cue and stares at me.

Signals- I thought Lance did a really nice job heeling, especially on that slow!  He immediately took 2 steps after I left on the stand.  He sits on the down signal so I give a verbal.

Moving Stand- not as bad as forging as usual.  He walks a few steps as I leave him but does a nice exam.

Open- NQ
Drop on Recall- Lance travels a bit further than I like.

Heeling- Lance looks away a few times so I'm not thrilled with his performance.  Because of that, I decided to start to the left on the figure 8 instead of going to the right like I usually do with Mr. Forger.  He again gets distracted and looks away on the outer posts.

Retrieve over High- Lance goes out slower than usual but comes back nicely with a pretty good front and finish.

Broad- good, need work on front and finish

Retrieve on flat- better enthusiasm on way out.  Was coming back crooked but fixed angle at last moment to be better.

Long Sit- Lance lies down as soon as the line of people have exited the ring.

Long Down- good.

I think I'll take him in to the chiropractor for another visit, it has been awhile since our last one and it always seems to help him.

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