NADAC Trial- start lines and contacts

I took Lance, Vito, and Bubba to a NADAC agility trial yesterday.  Bubba did awesome in his crate and loved to prance around when freed.  He will tug anywhere, as long as he doesn't think you have food on you.  Although he did get distracted often by the wonderful smell, and taste of dirt.  

The toller had a fantastic day!  We worked on (yet another) start line routine for him that I've been playing with for the last two weeks.  Vito is finally getting my bark cue and did it at the start line today!  I also had him do his reverse chest vault before going in the ring, and in the ring on the 3rd run when there was a delay.  During his 2nd run, chances, Vito looked like he was going to fixate on a bar setter but it was short lived as he quickly turned back to me.  And on the 3rd run we almost collided with the bar setter as she went to talk to the judge during the delay but Vito still didn't pay attention to her!

We qualified in touch no go where Vito had his fastest run of all time, 6.1yps with 2 beautiful aframes and 1 dogwalk.  Chances he shot off the startline and took an off course that I've never been happier about!  He missed the dogwalk/tunnel discrimination but I'm pretty sure I sent him out to the tunnel with my motion.  Jumpers was a sad NQ in novice for a knocked bar.  He started off great the first 3 obstacles but as soon as it turned he slowed down and didn't pick up speed until the closing run.  I also floundered a bit trying to get him to move and didn't handle as great as I should have.

Video of the 2 nice runs, unfortunately minus the start line routine that i didn't think to request:

Oh corgi.  Lance was also in 3 runs: regular, touch n go, and tunnelers.  He missed 4/5 contacts.  His first aframe in regular was a launch from a good foot and half above the yellow and he somersaulted off.  He learned a tiny bit from that and only missed by 6 inches on the other aframes and last dogwalk.  Clearly our managed contacts is not being managed.  I don't really care that he missed as that's my responsibility now and not his, but I need to keep him safe.  No idea what to do with his contacts.

Muttsandaklutz  – ( April 23, 2012 at 12:05 PM )  

Cool! Go Toller go! He sure was flying. I was beginning to wonder if you were running an invisible dog for the first half of the Touch n Go ;)

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