Improving our Agility Organizations

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We have a variety of agility oganizations to choose from in the U.S.  In my area we have AKC, USDAA, CPE, NADAC trials on a regular basis with a few offerings each year of ASCA, UKC, UKI, and Teacup.

My dogs do different organizations based on their motivation issues, jumping issues, and just plain personal preference!  I pretty much do NADAC and USDAA now and there is certainly a lot I can say about both organizations!  I hemmed and hawed over what to actually write though as I didn't want to turn this post into one big rant as for the most part I truly love playing in both.

So NADAC, I just want to say one thing and then I'll zip my lip.  Committee.  Please, please, please, consider having an actual group of people voting on any changes made for the ever "safety of the dog" and stop letting one person make yet another rule changes whenever the hell she feels like it.  Thank you.

Lance is way too cute for any criteria!

Ok, I can't stop myself from one more suggestion (but don't worry Sharon, I'm not going to mention the damn barrel!), how about you let judges actually design their own courses?

USDAA, I really hope those jump height rumors are true!  I would love to see tinier dogs playing and even more of the midsized dogs that aren't Shelties and teeney tiny Border Collies.  I like UKI's jump height divisions, maybe take a peek at theirs?

All organizations, let's seriously start discussing equipment changes.  Things such as do we really need slats on the dogwalk now with rubber contacts, what about those cool jumps with only one movable jump cup slot, how about even lowering the dogwalk so falls aren't so scary?  No judging up contacts, no table?

Kim  – ( June 5, 2013 at 7:46 PM )  

Nicely stated! I totally agree that a committee is needed for NADAC! Too many constant changes, and those changes happen on a whim and far too often.

AgilitySharon  – ( June 6, 2013 at 1:28 AM )  

Good comments, thanks. I do have to clarify that I would LOVE it if judges designed their own courses, but it is a choice and most choose not to. We highly encourage judges to design courses, but very few have the time to design courses for all of their assignments. Sharon

andrea  – ( June 8, 2013 at 6:59 PM )  


no table - I'll support that :D

awesome post - thanks

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