Vito USDAA- not our day

Long drive to Little Falls this morning for a USDAA trial.  AM drive was not good despite us stumbling out of bed at 4am to give him in drugs in time.  Unfortunately the drive seemed to set the tone for his 3 runs.

Jumpers- E
A bit slow and then Sad Toller really appeared on a 180-wrap to tunnel.  He knocked the 1st bar in the 180 and then refused the jump wrap.  I just kept going but couldn't get my brain back in the game and wasn't very insistant in my handling that he especially needs the slower he is.  Several more jumps missed.

Pairs- E
Really excited at the start line and I chose to run him 2nd.  The start was very similar to the jumpers run but Vito pulled off the 2nd jump this time.  I throw him back over.  Slow weaves.  Pulled off a jump after the weaves but I keep going.

Standard- NQ, 5fts.
He seemed really excited to be going in but alas it was still not meant to be.  Running Dogwalk was slow enough that he actually gave a glance at the judge on the middle plank.  The rest of the run was OK.  I guess our big Pro was that he didn't pull off any jumps or have any real Sad Toller moments.  Knocked the double.

Next weekend we are back indoors for a NADAC trial.

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