Gracie's Kayaking Adventure

The family went on a quick kayaking trip this last Sunday.  I wanted to take my Vito but of course knew that wasn't an option.  Vito's head would explode from the excitement and that high level of arousal would very quickly spill into anxiety.  Then Lance told me that corgi's actually shrink when wet.  So Gracie was the chosen dog to come with.  I knew she liked water, but her only experience has been with the kiddie pool and shoving her head in during our showers.

She was an awesome girl on the drive down.  Calmly lying on uncle's lap in the car, playing nicely with the young shop dog on arrival, and then doing an under for the shuttle ride to the take off point.

There was a little delay at takeoff due to the apparent jump for freedom a kayak took on our shuttle ride. We took the time to practice our boat skills on the land.  Easy peasy she said!

On the water was a little different story.  Gracie wasn't really nervous but didn't think it was possible to sit or lie down on the wobbly surface.  She eventually got the hang of it and the first hour was a bit bored but content.

Then right as we approached some canoers who asked how many times the Labrador had jumped off, Gracie decided it would be a good time to demo.  She apparently didn't think it through as she had a little panic moment when she sank before realizing how to swim.  I was just grateful that I didn't tip us as I hoisted her back on board.

Gracie was very sad after her little dip.  It was a cloud day and the weather was a little cool to be a wet Labrador.  The poor girl shivered for a while and then maybe 20 minutes after he first adventure she fell in while trying to itch.

She did warm up eventually and then was mainly just bored and wanted to go home.  Still too cold to let her romp around in the water.  She curled up in a little ball between my legs, only looking up to stare at the tubers we passed.

I would definitely take a nice Labrador again.  But only a warmer day!

Dexter  – ( August 12, 2013 at 5:38 AM )  

Not the best introduction to deep water, but those great labrador swimming instincts kicked in soon enough.

Mango Momma

Katy Ashlee  – ( June 16, 2014 at 2:37 PM )  

I have a black lab named Gracie that looks just like her!

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