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I recently got to try a bag of Orijen Freeze Dried Dog Food from  I currently just feed good old kibble for my dogs but have been looking at switching Lance, and maybe Vito too.  Lance suddenly started losing weight 3 months ago and his daily food went from 2/3c a day to a full 1c a day.  Didn't notice it until a few weeks after his dental, but full blood work was done at that time and he was even on probiotics then.  His weight is almost back up to 24lbs so I'm still a bit concerned, but not as much.

Anyway, this was my first experience with a freeze-dried dog food.  It came in patties and according to the bag Lance should get just under 6 patties a day.  Super easy to re-hydrate with warm water and took less than 5 minutes.  Of course the corgi was pissed about the delayed meal.  I'd say he thought it was worth the wait, but it's a corgi we're talking about.  If I want a true taste test I'd need the picky toller.  Who actually was extremely interested in what was going on in Lance's bowl.

Big pros, Orijen has AMAZING food.    If you feed raw, then this would be a great substitute for times when it's simply not doable.

Cons- Not single ingredient for those doggies with allergies.  But the biggest con for me was the price.  Orijen is already an expensive brand and this style of food is off the charts.  It would cost me $6.50 a day to feed Lance, a 24lb dog, and that is way more than I spend on myself!  I would say this food is best used as an occasional meal, for when vacationing, or for those with really small dogs.  For those uses, you can't get anything better!

So I'm still looking for Lance.  Thinking about The Honest Kitchen but not sure on the prices.  It does seem that has the best prices around though!

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