Lesson learned- no obedience in the heat!

Lance and I went to an obedience trial this past Sunday.  Our first time trialing obedience in a non training club building!  It was still held indoors in the barn but it wasn't exactly cool being in the low 90's.

Utility was a train wreck.
Started with articles and I make the first turn to send and Lance just sits there, now facing the opposite direction of me.  After a second he turns left and takes the jump, slowly looks around and then moseys on over to the pile.  At least he remembered his job.  2nd article send was fine.

Signals- I start moving and once again Lance just sits there.  Verbally call him to me and he at least is somewhat with me for the pattern.  Does the signals so at least I'm really happy that he did the down again!

Gloves- The pattern continues.  Lance pivots with me but then just sits there when I mark and send him to glove #3.  A 2nd cue and a little thrust forward of my hand gets his butt in gear but he brings me glove #2 instead.

Stand- no issues there at least!

Go out #1- Stops halfway and looks at me.  I resend him out and step forward and he continues all the way to the gate but then sniffs at a spot and doesn't sit.  2nd cue for that.
Go out #2- much better.  Goes all the way and sits nicely when asked.

All exercises- fronts were horridly crooked, no real effort at all put in.  Finishes were OK I think.

Open was better but not real great.
Heeling was still a bit laggy and wide but at least he started!
Drop on recall- Like last Sunday, Lance stopped but didn't down.  This time he started looking around too.
No real issues with the other exercises but it was difficult to get him set up.  Lance was crooked everytime and had no interest in moving to fix it.  Fronts sucked again and finishes were worse.

But Lance held his sit!!!!  So I guess that makes the trial worth it.  And now I know never to enter Lance in an "outdoor" obedience trial in the summer again.  Luckily there's not much need to do that in Minnesota.

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