NADAC Sunday

After Lance's obedience day on Saturday, both dogs went for a NADAC trial on Sunday.  Because the contacts weren't rubberized, Vito was only entered in jumpers and chances.  There's no way that dog is ever doing a non rubberized dogwalk.  With Lance's slower stopped contacts I felt safer asking him to do it.

Lance- 3 of 4, including another chances Q!
He really ran well in jumpers and a 5.4yps is near his top speed.  In regular he was a bit slower and I'm not sure if was due to the contacts or just because he remembered he usually runs slower on grass.  Round 2 of regular I pulled him in too hard for a aframe/tunnel discrimination and he came all the way to me, and then went in other other end of the tunnel.  He was moving quite a bit slower on that and looked hesitant about wanting to take the aframe.

Vito had an OK 2 runs.  Jumpers was actually pretty good considering it is always his slowest class.  But then again, the corgi beat him by 2.5 seconds.  Ouch.  Chances was sad.  Vito said the jump was too far away and then when I stepped over the line to run with him he still pulled off every other obstacle.

I admit I'm a tiny bit disappointed with Vito's trial results.  We've been working on leaving a toy at the start line during practice for just over a month now.  He's doing really well with leaving it sit there and turning away from it as we run!  By ourselves his speed remains mostly unaffected and he's Zoomy Toller.  In his group class I'm doing it only on short sequences and he also seems to be doing well.  In NADAC you can carry your reward on you, as long as it's secured in a bag and you don't even point to it within 10ft of the ring.  But Vito didn't act any different even though he knew I had the ball in my pocket compared to USDAA trials.  Still happy to go in the ring with me and lots of screaming.  Broke his start line again too!   Screamed and broke his start line to just float out there...   At least he's happy.

Muttsandaklutz  – ( September 24, 2013 at 8:34 PM )  

Rubberized contacts are such a great thing. The field I practice at doesn't have them, but just about all of the local trial hosts do now, which is awesome.

Well, congrats on Lance's showing and wow, 5.4 yps is a great speed, even more so considering the legs he's got to work with ;)

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