0 for 6 at the outdoor USDAA trial this weekend.  It seems we're still in a slump of slow Toller.  1st run both days started out slow and sad.  Even half the dogwalks were added strides (but still deep in yellow) and weren't the power boosters of usual.  2nd run each day was better.  3rd runs were happy :)

Continuation of no obvious anxiety issues and bonus behavior of Vito picking up his tug leash at the end of some runs and actually tugging!  He's never shown any interest before as he's wanted to get to his ball as soon as possible.

Saturday Gamblers- NQ
sadish.  Odd because he felt naughty enough to break his start line.  I picked a plan with the dogwalk twice and aframe twice but the boosters in the contacts must not have been turned on for his run.  Teeter was the first obstacle in the gamble and Vito barely got all 4 feet on before he turned and asked me why I wasn't coming.

Saturday Standard- NQ
Bit better attitude but knocked a bar in beginning.  Dogwalk striding was back to normal and he did speed up a bit after it. Weaves weren't a death march!

Saturday Pairs- NQ
Happy!  We went first for half that was basically a speed loop with just a few off course opportunities.  Vito ran fast and clean but partner hard some bobbles.  Yay for happy run!

Sunday Jumpers- E
very sad.  Another broken start line on the first run of the day, but still no speed from it.  I threw in a ton of blinds but he just wasn't moving and also knocked 2 bars in beginning.  Tried to throw in some bonus side changes to keep me moving.  Botched the first bonus and we went around some jumps.

Sunday Standard- E
moderate.  Started out slow and knocked 2 bars in beginning.  Picked up speed greatly after the table, which included a wrap to the dogwalk.  Extra stride on the dogwalk but it seemed OK.  Had no problem nailing DW to weaves, but he was slow enough that I was able to be right there at the weave entrance waiting.   Missed a jump at the end but I'll take full blame for that one.

Sunday Gamblers- NQ
Yay!  Loved starting with the dogwalk-jump-jump-back to dogwalk.  Dogwalks were much closer to normal speed.  Bit of a bobble before the aframe when he didn't jump as tight as I expected and this put me a tiny bit behind where I was planning to be when the buzzer went.  Vito actually did the gamble!  But we were over time by .6sec.

I have a new hypothesis on Vito's trialing, but I just started working on it this last week.  I no longer think anxiety is a major player in Vito's running.  Minor supporting role I guess.  Super yay!  But problem solving fun begins.  Will write up what I've been experimenting with later.

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