Finding a New Veterinarian

With the move coming up in less than a month, one of the first things I did was look for a new veterinarian.  While we're not moving too far from where we currently live, our amazing vet is already a long drive and the move would put it even further and make it completely impossible in any traffic.

My criteria for a vet is high.  I am one of THOSE parents.  But hopefully not an obnoxious know it all?

Must haves:
- Good with anxious dogs.  Meaning no fast movements, no exam tables, and tons of patience and cookies.
- Comfortable with never separating me from my dog.  I am aware that some dogs do much better away from their well meaning parents, but not mine.  No back room stuff for Vito.
- Comfortable with me restraining my pets.  I do know techniques for holding animals securely and the ability to hold my pets for procedures helps calm them immensenly.   Because of liability issues, I am ok if they require muzzling in order for me to hold.
- Similar viewpoints on nutrition, spay/neuters, vaccination schedules, weights, and chiropractic care.  Or at least support in the decisions I make for my dogs and not constant arguing.
- And of course having good medical knowledge and being a respected doctor.  But that is really hard for me to evaluate, not being a doctor and all.

We got a referal to a vet clinic in the area so I promptly made a call and scheduled an appointment to talk to the doctor and bring in Vito, the ultimate test dog.  Drugged him up a bit extra for the morning appointment, but unfortunately Vito was having one of those mornings.  The car was out to eat him so by the time we arrived he was in complete panic mode.  At least it allowed me to get a good eval of the the clinic!  I was very happy with the vet so hopefully it will be a good choice for us.  Fingers crossed we won't have to find out any time soon.

Megan  – ( November 26, 2013 at 6:04 PM )  

Good luck! I've been on the hunt for a good regular vet since I moved last year. I still haven't found one I love.

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