Gracie 11 months

Gracie is 11 months old now.  Still on restriction from her recent spay and pissed about it.  She's been letting me know by casually pushing aside the gate setup at work and just standing in the middle of the room.  Not going anywhere, but not so subtlety advertising her displeasure at not being allowed to play with the other dogs.

Occasional training worked on:
1. Light switches- Starting full height, just going back to working on flipping them ON.  Because of her little size she has to get awfully close to the wall.

2. Tug AND hold- Has had just a few lessons on keeping a grip on a tug rope in order to prevent a door from closing.  Gracie's doing a great job of not letting go of the rope, but is adamant that I must also want continued violent tugs on it as well.  The door is not amused.

3. Bucking bronco- needs work, but has been put on hold until she's fully recovered.

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