Been moved in for almost 2 weeks now.  This past week we've been mainly grounded at home.  All the doggies at work went out to fosters for the holiday break so that means I've been off of work.  And since I'm not really planning on leaving the Toller alone in the new house, with the newly lowered dose of Fluoxetine, we've all been cozy together.

Vito did get left alone twice for about an hour each time and both times went surprisingly well.  The first time was because the cat decided to scare me into thinking he was blocked.  Luke has had a history of peeing blood when "stressed" and while he's never been blocked before it's not something I want to wait and see about.  So when we moved I immediately put him on amitriptyline.  Seemed his crazy obnoxious self almost right away, and then he started peeing blood.  Concerned, but not too worried yet.  Then he started making frequent trips to the litter box and seemingly nothing was coming out all day.  Sigh.  Trip to the emergency vet.  Good news, he's not blocked.  A few more days of continuing the amitriptyline and adding in pain meds and an antibiotic and he's back to his annoying self.  Fingers are crossed that he he stays this way.

Which reminds me of the best invention ever.  
Trash can with a lock!  Even after cutting away the scrap meat from the ham and tossing the bone into the trash, I didn't have to wake up to trash all over the kitchen floor!  I don't know why it took me so long.  It also fully earns Lance his freedom at night since I don't have to worry about him joining in with the cat's efforts.

Gracie is a bit bored due to the lock down.  No Labradors to play with :(  Instead, when the "feels like" temp is actually above zero degrees, she's been practicing bowling into the corgi and playing keep away with the toller's toys.  It is freezing though.  A bit embarassing when I take her to a store and she becomes a tripod during the walk from car to front doors.  I promise that my service dog doesn't need one herself!
Merry Christmas!

At Grandma's house.  Hello Rowan!

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