Vito Friday Night CDSP

The Toller had one last CDSP obedience trial of the year.  Still sticking with Open C to help him gain confidence.

Overall I am very pleased with how he did.  Vito was very focused and happy to work with me.  Not quite the level of edginess I typically like working him in, but still a happy toller.

Beautiful, beautiful ring entrance and set up.  Nice drive going into the ring, immediate set up in heel, and 100% eye contact as I took off the leash.
First exercise was the drop on recall which Vito immediately failed as he didn't actually drop.  Or stop.  Figures that the one exercise I've actually been practicing with him he fails!  Ah well!  I just clap my hands and call him to come to me.

Heeling is next and I'm happy.  Set up nicely and nice oomph in that first step just like we've been practicing for months.  Fast time was almost immediately and while he did lose some momentum, he did a spectacular job considering how hard that is for him.  Bit of a bobble on the first halt immediately after the right turn, but recovered for a beautiful about turn, Lance should take note, and perfect rest of the pattern.

Broad jump I kinda tried something new, which of course is a neon sign of red flags.  I marked the jump so he knew it was there based on his last tripping over it experience in the trial a few months ago.  He looked on and then held a nice little stay as I told him to heel (CDSP has a running broad jump).  I had to give him a second command to get moving and then he cut the corner of the jump.

Retrieve on flat was nice, with a little bobble on the pickup.  Retrieve over high just had the front.  On the mini go out Vito looked ahead nicely and just arched about 2 feet to the right off center.

Between all the exercises he happily jumped up on me, engaged with me to the set up of the next one, and didn't get his first cookie until after the 4th exercise!  A bit of looking around, but seemed very relaxed and happy about it all.

The run was a nice way to end his obedience year, NQ and all.

Lynnda L in Mpls  – ( December 29, 2013 at 11:08 AM )  

Love CDSP. [My dogs haven't gotten any obedience practice with my work schedule & my head cold is still with me so we skipped this event.]

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