The Bestest Agility Trial Ever!

Vito today gave me the best present ever.  Had a NADAC agility trial this weekend and Vito didn't let Sad Toller make an appearance even once.  He was insanely happy and had moments where he DECIDED TO RUN on every single course.  Trial Vito got to be merged with Practice Vito for many, many moments.  

I had a blast.  I tried very hard to remain super aggressive in my handling of Vito and I'm pretty sure there were more blind crosses in one run than I've done all weekend before.  It can be difficult to figure out how to avoid rear crosses in some NADAC courses, but I pulled out my super cape and hauled butt to make certain he didn't have to do any.  I almost succeeded in being 100% free of rear crosses for him (outside of chances forced rears for the distance) until the very last course of the weekend, touch no go, I chickened out after I went in deeper than I planned after his running dogwalk and decided to just rear cross the tunnel.  
Best video of runs ever!

Vito ended up going 5.5 Q's out of 8.  Silly knocked bar for a half point Q in regular on day 1, and then of course he didn't qualify on either chances course.  But even on the distance chances he did an amazing effort.  On Saturday Vito actually did a tiny re-direct out the jump after the dogwalk and continued after a rear cross to go out one more obstacle.  And Vito not only did a rear cross on Sunday's challenge, but he continued on his own and did his very first tandem turn in a trial!

Lance also had a fabulous weekend. 8 out of 10 Q's for the weekend.  Naughty moments for him were completely blowing off the weaves his first run of the weekend that had them, and popping out of them his first run with weaves on day 2.  He also sailed off to a far far away off course hoop at one point.  Other than that I take blame for his 1 NQ in chances on Saturday.  He did the distance challenge beautifully despite my sudden switch in handling to a person who doesn't move at all.  Lance slowed down, but did it.  And then didn't do the easy dogwalk/tunnel discrimination as he hesitantly stepped onto the dogwalk closer to me.  I'm not sure why my feet were frozen when I had room left to move.  

His jumping looked great, even on Sunday's jumpers course when he was starting to get tired.

I had such a great weekend I'm not even going to comment on the barrels :)  Not even on the extra weird non wrapping of said barrel on the Touch n Go course.

Kim  – ( December 30, 2013 at 12:15 AM )  

Yay for Happy Toller! Congrats on such a fabulous weekend...they both looked awesome :)

Dexter  – ( December 30, 2013 at 4:59 AM )  

Your back crosses seem so effortless. Congratulations on a very satisfying weekend.

Mango Momma

RubyTheWhippet  – ( December 31, 2013 at 11:07 AM )  

WTG Happy Toller! I was really impressed by how he sped up on A frames and dog walks - he obviously had a lot of fun :)

Laura, Lance, and Vito  – ( December 31, 2013 at 11:56 AM )  

The contacts are his happy making obstacles :) A win for running contacts!
Of course it's also why jumpers is always his least favorite class..

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