Gracie 16 months

Gracie will be 16 months old soon.  Other than some proofing work I need to do on alerting under distractions, Gracie has almost completed her diabetic alert training.  Her alerts also need to be reigned in a tiny bit :)  Gracie likes to do her nose nudge alert with a jump so she punches your stomach.  At least it's not subtle!

Since she isn't technically in her final training stage yet, there's still a chance she could be destined for another job.  But she sure is damn good at hitting on the scented gauze pad in an insanely short amount of time!  Gracie did pass her final health clearances recently so the chances of her being career changed at this point is very low.  *knock on wood!*

She is the most doggy loving Labrador I've had.  Loves being in physical contact as much as possible with her friends.  Here's Gracie saying hello to her mentors currently in for final training.

One of the prettiest Pocket Labs around.

Still waiting for her to mature a little bit.  Jumping on people is still an issue.  Luckily she takes her training pretty seriously and isn't doing it at all out in cape as she remains focused on me.  But when off leash or even at the dog club, Gracie thinks everyone who says hello would love a punch in the gut.  I don't think I've ever had a puppy still so persistent in their jumping!  Vito and Lance are exempt of course as they have no rules :)

achieve1dream  – ( March 28, 2014 at 12:04 PM )  

I love how Vito and Lance are exempt hehehe. Mine are too! I'm glad Gracie's training is going so well. :D

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