Vito's best and worst trial

Vito had a USDAA agility trial this time.

Saturday's first run was Gamblers and Vito was nuts.  Even though the car ride was only 10 minutes from our new house and we were at the site for almost an hour before the run, Vito was still worked up.  Big plus was Vito stressing UP instead of down.  He certainly put all that neurotic energy into his run!!!  Pretty sure that gamblers run was Vito's fastest run ever in a trial.  He also made some interesting choices out there.
We ended up coming super close to getting the gamble!  Vito redirected back out to the tunnel but then took the wrong jump on the way back in.
Happy, neurotic toller!

Standard felt insanely slow compared to that gamblers run, but video doesn't show it beggn that bad.  Then again Vito did have EIGHT hits on his dogwalk compared to his usual 6 or even 5 sometimes when he's really moving.  NQ for not wanting to get on the table right away, but otherwise an ok run.

Actually entered steeplechase since it was the 3rd run of the day and I wanted to only spend a half day at the trial.  Vito actually sped up again even if he wasn't quite as smokin as gamblers.  We ran clean and manged to place 5th for a Q!!!

Sunday was not as great of a day.  Vito had 4 runs since he made it into steeplechase round 2 and each run started slower than the previous.

Jumpers was clean other than a knocked double.  And he really did pick up speed the 2nd half.
Snooker I lost him into a dummy tunnel but not fully his fault.  We made it through 3 of the 4 reds planned.
Steeplechase he cut behind me to go into the wrong end of the tunnel.  And we had the weavepole march of death.  Definitely a Sad Toller run.
Standard he pulled off the #3 jump as I looked to fine my line and then started sniffing the ground as I swung him back so we skipped it entirely.  The table was the 7th obstacle and he did sass at me for the stop.  Afterwards he started to pickup speed and actually flew over the aframe so fast that I was super late on a front cross a jump later.  So a win for recovering from that awful start.

On all of Sunday's runs he had a hard time warming up.  Going into the ring he was looking around quite a bit and only gave a few Toller screams.  Leading out our usual 5 feet he likes lead to him looking around even more. Before the last Standard run I desperately even tried to warm up with food instead of a toy, something I stopped doing years ago since he doesn't drive hard for food.  Apparently that fact is still true!

Dexter  – ( March 24, 2014 at 7:49 PM )  

He sure looks happy out there.

Mango Momma

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