Last trial before the championship

The corgi also had 2 more attempts at that last elusive UDX leg this last weekend.  Sadly it was not meant to be.  Again.

But the good news is Lance was MUCH better than the trial 2 weeks prior.  The corgi had his attitude back and for the most part we were connected.

Sat Utility
Looked away on signals right before I was to give the sit cue.  Staring intensely at someone doing something apparently more interesting than me.  *sigh* Naughty corgi.  He did a really nice job on most of the other exercises and got most of his fronts and finishes!  Go outs I took the opportunity to train as Lance once again started to turn to early.  It was far enough past the jumps, but definitely not close to the gate so I verbally sent him farther out.  Then I have no idea why but he took the wrong jump just like last weekend.  WTF!  On go out #2 he went all the way (thank you!) and I re-signaled him to the same jump which he took just fine.  I suppose after the re-direct he was farther the left than he was to the right, but he it wasn't that far off center and he's pretty well trained to be sent from the far corners.

Sat Open
Forgy corgi is back!  Oh Lance.  At least the attitude that was missing the previous trial re appeared.  The precision on fronts apparently disappeared in it's place.
But he held his sit!!!! Lots of sniffing the ground though :(  We qualified with a 196.

Sun Utility
Not quite as peppy.  I don't think Lance was prepared for daylight savings time.  We were early on so it would have been about 7:15am according to his clock.  Mostly it was a nice run and he was decently focused, but he didn't do his bunny hopping run that he usually does.  We NQed on signals again.  This time he yawned a second before the down signal and I guess I'm using that as an excuse as to why he only went 3/4ths of the way down and then decided to just sit.  Fronts were atrocious on almost everything.  And again he started to turn a little before I would call the sit on his go out.  I chose to train and give him another verbal cue and his 2nd go out was good.

Sun Open
Started off with a bit of a disconnect but heeling was first and the pattern was amazingly fun and challenging!   Lance perked right up after what was 2 left turns in very quick succession.  Actually he lost zero points on heeling for the first time ever!  Fronts and finishes were much better too!
Another held sit!!!  And I'm told there was no sniffing and he looked much more relaxed!
198.5 and good for 3rd place and 2 more OTCH points in the large class!  That makes us at 40 points.  Slow and (steady?)!

Three more weeks before we head to the National Obedience Championships!

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