Finding New Parks

The Duck got to be an only dog this morning as I scouted out some parks I've been wanting to take a look at.  Vito got to stay home with Dad as he doesn't take too well to car rides, plus multiple park trips I think would literally give him a heart attack.  We were on a mission to find

1. Interesting trails.  More than just back and forth.  Bonus points for nice paths cleared in the woods versus just paved paths in open areas.
2. Odds low of finding other people, or at least within the first 5 minutes.  Vito gets highly over aroused when going anywhere and does best when he can be let off leash to run and sniff right away.  Other people means on leash or a stay and Vito is like a can about to explode.
3. No areas where it looks like dog people might stop and throw balls with their chuck its.  Lower chance since I'm not visiting dog parks, but it does happen at one one the parks we visit, it's just easy to avoid that area if I see the activity.
4. Water access as a bonus.  But huge negative marks if water can't be avoided.  Vito will OBSESS about water and if for whatever reason he can't be given permission to go swimming (too many people around, too much brush) then his head explodes and I'm constantly calling him back every 2 seconds.

We visited 4 parks in the morning with miles of walking done and one park that we found a swimming creek under a bridge.  Just a little bit of brush to go through.  Zumi ran and ran all morning.  Got home and passed out for maybe half an hour before she was back shoving toys in my lap.

So a few hours later I decided to go back to the park with the creek with both Zumi and Vito.  Goal was to get him tired before the firework celebrations.  Although I don't recall it being super noisy in our neighborhood last year.  We will wait and see.  Left the Corgi at home as while he's not really on restriction, he's not holding up well to longer walks.  I think the facial stuff on both sides now is limiting his ability to pant.  Also hard to tell if he's a bit off with his coordination again, although he is able to still do side stepping pretty well.  Goes to the neurologist on Tuesday.

Sadly we did encounter 2 people resting at a bench shortly upon entering the park and Vito's head exploded.  But I think we discovered a better entrance to the trail system that might be better if we go again.  
Eventually Vito got to swim.  Vito's been on restriction from ball throwing and thus running for the last 2 weeks. But since it's been over a week since his last occasional wince, and over 2 weeks since the "incident" I haven't been restricting him otherwise.  Today has been the most exercise he's gotten as Vito doesn't really run for the sake of running.  Time in the yard or the earlier park visit to the woods is mainly sniffing time with a bit of trotting for him.  Monday he visits for a massage and checkup to see how he's healed.

Happy tollers.

 Difference in swimming style.  *Sigh* Vito.

Group pic of course.

Continuing our walk.  You have to leave the water Vito.

achieve1dream  – ( July 4, 2015 at 9:16 PM )  

Happy Tollers! I love all of the pictures.

That's a lot of criteria for a park. You must have a lot of different parks to choose from. I hope this one works out!

Fingers crossed they are dealing with the fireworks well. We can't hear them here from inside the house so feeling fortunate. Of course, Jackal isn't bothered by them so even if he can hear them it's not a big deal. They used to make Storm so upset she would pace and pant all night. :(

I hope Lance is okay... praying for good news at his appointment next week!

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