Vito Utility Dog!

Went back int the utility ring for day #2.  I didn't have quite the drivey dog at the trial that I did on Saturday so I worked hard at getting him revved up outside of the ring before our turn.

The entrance was at the far end, away from the stewards table but closer to more activity.  Pros and cons.  Vito actually did a fabulous ring entrance, complete with a tiny scream as I did a little oppositional push before going in the ring.  Excellent leash removal, and setup right at the entrance.

Unfortunately since the CDSP signal exercise really doesn't involve heeling, judges have the option of either heeling down the length to an about turn and stand, or just a simple forward-right/left turn-stand.  The short setup was picked today and while Vito did a fantastic job of heeling for the short duration, I think he would have done better with the longer pattern like yesterday's run to help him settle into the ring.  The stand was literally done at the 13sec mark.  Something to prepare Vito for in the future!!!

So Vito gave me a blank look on the down signal.  I paused and then gave him a second down signal which he did.  No issues on sit and came quickly on the come.
Nice fast articles.
Go outs he wasn't marking very well.  Did a lovely first send though.  Second send he started to turn  just a bit early.
Gloves we had the exact same issue as Saturday.  Not pivoting with me for a left pivot, just staring at me until I give him a second command to heel.  Then playing with the first glove and dropping it at my feet.  Second glove was nice although we had quite the delay before the send as the judge wanted a chair removed for some reason.
No issue with the moving stand.

Overall I was very happy with the run!  Certainly not as enthusiastic as Saturday's run and I needed to work harder on our transitions and setups too.  But no major stress issues and he still seemed very engaged.

Since CDSP allows 2nd commands as points off versus an NQ, Vito technically qualified and earned his Utility Dog title.  

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