Car Rides

Vito's car rides have been going pretty well ever since we fully put him back on his old drug schedule, with slightly increased Sertraline.  He resumed the regiment in August and starting in early October he  has been calm every day with only occasional mild anxiety attacks.  Yay Toller!!!

Recently I also overhauled our transportation system for the dogs.  After a friend had a horrible car accident but all dogs walked away unharmed due to their Variocage, I wanted something that at least wouldn't completely collapse in an mild accident.  I just can't afford the Variocage but the Ruff Tough kennels are very sturdy themselves, just with a weak door.  The Corgi and Duck got new crates.

Vito has been riding tethered to the floor in a normal harness so he got an upgrade too.  I put back in one of the middle row seats to both help support the crates and prevent Vito from being crushed if the crates get slammed.  He got an official crash tested harness as well.

And shockingly he has handled the change very well.  For the first few days I let him ride on the floor next to the seat to help ease the change.  But Vito had no problem being upgraded to the seat.  Thank you Neurotic Dog!

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