Corgi Retirement

Well the Corgi is officially retired from obedience after yesterday's trial.  Avoided the jump again on the first part of directed jumping.  Again went to the side I indicated and started to come in instead.  Did do the high jump on part 2 but stuttered bad.  Did not go back to the show today.

Avoidance could be for many reasons.  But whatever the reason it does boil down to stress on that part of the exercise.  I can't imagine that sudden stress on one of his favorite exercises wouldn't be due to a physical issue.  Whether back pains from a bulging disc (which I know he still has due to the MRI done a few months ago) or vision issues from the facial paralysis, or who knows.  Went to the chiropractor today for a quick checkup and plan on getting a quick eye check sometime in the next few weeks as well.  Chiro appointment mainly had lots of work done on his face.

Regardless, Lance is done with all dog sports now.   Not exactly the way I envisioned 2015 going, but Lance doesn't mind.  Plenty of walks in his future.

Thanks Lance for being the best Novice A dog ever.  I never dreamed of going so far when we first started trialing.  

Kristen  – ( November 29, 2015 at 7:34 PM )  

sad sad sad.

But also so many happy things you've accomplished with him!

Danielle D  – ( December 2, 2015 at 11:29 AM )  

I am so so sorry :( He is an amazing corgi that is for sure <3

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