Vito at Tracy Sklenar Seminar

Vito had a working spot at the masters day of the Tracy Sklenar seminar.  He was such a good boy!  Apparently the days of pulling off obstacles just because he saw me thinking about leaving him are long gone.  Tracy kept commenting on his wonderful commitment and how much I trusted to leave him!  Vito even let me do a reverse spin from a good 8ft away from the jump!  I don't think I've ever turned my back on a send from that far away before!

Vito's speed increased throughout the day as he realized he got his ball on course.  But Tracy even had me leave his ball at the startline like I started doing last year to help replicate trials.  I am not super consistent about remembering to do that in practice and I need to start doing that every run again.

Loved, loved working Vito at the seminar.  Vito has had only a handful of seminars his agility career and it was great to force myself to practice the timing and commitment.  None of the "moves" we did were new to me but I can't say I usually practice pushing myself so much.  And the reminders of the importance of testing commitment were great to immediately put into action versus having to wait until later and forgetting about it.

Vito had zero off courses all day, although did have a small handful of knocked bars and some "refusals" later on in the day as I tried to push him on wraps.  The few dogswalks he did were atrocious though.  The first course I wasn't surprised as Vito just doesn't know really tight turns and I would have used his stopped dogwalk in a trial.  The second course should have been fine for Vito as it was just a 90 degree left turn.  oh well.

Zumi got to play during the lunch break and then again at the end of the day.  I primarily worked on the dogwalk with her.  During lunch we did maybe 5 dogwalks and all were horrid, although some were in the 42in zone.  I just quit.  At the end of the day I tried to backchain to a ball and they still sucked.  But after about 5 crappy ones from just the mid plank she suddenly decided she knew what to do and then did a few full dogwalks with speed and completely nailed every one.

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