2015 Review

The end of another year.

Needless to say this was not the year I had in mind for the Corgi.  His herniated disc occurred in January that set the tone for the rest of his year.  Crate rest, complications with facial paralysis, and then forced retirement from agility.  No last run, just done.  Obedience I had hopes of continued playing in utility only, no broad jump again.  Lance did a small handful of runs in AKC and then he decided he was done doing that too.

Mostly Lance is doing well with just pet dog activities.  Very happy to run around on walks, although he occasionally limps after trips where he runs a lot.  Otherwise Lance doesn't seem to showing any signs of pain in every day life.  Happy Corgi.
We will continue to do the occasional Cynosport Rally trial and CDSP obedience trial where he doesn't have to actually jump.

Vito's year didn't go as planned either.  Vito had a muscle injury that needed rehabbing that took out the majority of the summer.  Thankfully he seems fine now.

With Lance out of agility, Vito and I only did 1.5 NADAC trials this year.  The injury starting during his 2nd trial.  Not sure how much NADAC we will be doing in the future, just not my favorite courses for how I like to run with my dogs.  The USDAA trials we managed to do around his injury we had fun. Very few Sad Toller runs and mostly we're on track and happy in agility trials.  Working on speed will always be our goal but our average continues to go up.  Vito even earned his very first Super Q in snooker and earned his masters gamblers title.  Things I never thought would happen.  Still don't know that an ATCH will be possible with him, but we're having fun and getting quite a few Master Challengers Q's!

Vito earned his preferred CDX title in AKC early this year.  But his attitude just isn't there for AKC.  We took quite a few more months off and then tried again.  And Vito had a meltdown, very nervous of the judges and even flipped out in just the environment itself.  CDSP has continued to go well though, with quite a few very happy Toller runs.  Even earned his championship Open title (10 Q's) and his Utility title in CDSP.  It's amazing how much the environment between CDSP and AKC trials effects him.

And for the past 2 months we began an experiment looking at the issues of choice in work and building the value of personal play.  Taking away all food and toys in his obedience work and leaving in the ability for him to say no.  It's been interesting!

Vito started out the year doing amazing with life.  Huge streak of no panic attacks in the car.  Being very calm at work.  Handling change.  And then he hit rock bottom in July.  We increased his drugs and re placed him back on a 3rd drug that was succesfully weaned off late last year.  It took awhile, but Vito is currently in a good place again.

The little Duck's first full year with us!  Love this dog so much.  Normal!  And very, very eager to learn and do.  Over the past year we have worked on foundations for obedience, agility, disc dog, and recently started gun dog training.  I don't know where our future in dog sports will take us but we're going to have a solid start for whatever the road takes us.

She even competed in "puppy" rally with WCRL, getting lots of treats for being in the ring and focusing.  Her first title.  And a few weeks ago did level 1 with even more focus, and more cookies in the ring :)
Technically competed once in a disc dog trial, with rollers thrown.
Has done a small handful of agility run throughs in different places as well.

I look forward to seeing her hit the competition field in 2016!

Kristen  – ( December 27, 2015 at 4:44 PM )  

It's amazing how much you were able to do even with so much time off! Griffins year of rehab in 2014 resulted in us doing pretty much nothing other than some WCRL.

Can't wait to see your next year!

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