WCRL Rally level 1!

Our club hosted a WCRL Rally trial this Saturday so I thought I would try Zumi in level 1 for the first time.  She did a few runs in the "puppy class" this past summer where you allowed to give a cookie anytime you want and the courses were shorter.

In level 1 (and all the levels) you are still allowed to give a cookie in the ring but only at "stationary" signs.  While Zumi will not be entering any AKC obedience or rally trials for quite a while still I had no doubt that she could successfully do WCRL rally and meet my goals.  Goals of course being
1) Great attitude and
2) Great focus

With the bonus goal being 3) precision.  We're not quite there on that one yet!  The focus goal also needs some more work on getting her used to the specific distractions that a trial entails- ring entrances, signs, stewards and, judge. But her overall ability to focus is extremely good and I knew look aways would be minor.

Round 1;
I cost way more points than she did!  Total score ended up being 201 out of 210 with 8 points lost due to me screwing up not one but two signs!  At sign #2 I already messed up and started to spiral (like the exercise later in that course) instead of a serpentine.  And then a few signs later I forgot to put her in a sit before I did a pivot and step to the right.  Shameful.  Luckily Zumi forgave me and was a very good Duck!

Round 2:
We both manage to make it through without any big mistakes!  210 out of 210!  I felt her focus was just a tiny bit less on this run through.

Bonus run off!  Since there was a 3 way tie for first place in the A class that means there is a run off with teams doing the first 6 signs again.  I immediately lost at sign #2 because yes once again I screwed up a sign!  Caught myself, praised Zumi, thanked the judge, and then left the ring right away with dorky shame!

The corgi also got to play!  While he is permently retired from AKC obedience and rally, in WCRL he can get a jump height exemption and have the bars resting on the ground.  This lets him still have fun and lets him decide if he wants to "jump" or just walk over them.  We just stick with level 3 as I find it's the most fun with the baby open and utility exercises from obedience thrown in!  Although not a ton of those signs this weekend.

Round 1:
Happy and kinda sassy corgi.  Did not want to sit at first!  And then appeased me and had no problem after that 2nd sign.  I thought it was a nice run but he felt a bit stiff compared to normal, not quite as smooth of a worker.  A little sad for me, but he was still having a great time.  Earned a 209.

Round 2:
Happy and much better moving!  Felt just like old times and earned a nice 210.

Danielle D  – ( December 22, 2015 at 9:27 PM )  

Oh they are both such happy workers but I had the biggest smile seeing Lance working and happy in the ring - so glad he can play!

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