Ducky's First Trial!

The day finally came, Zumi's first agility trial!

Saturday started with 3 runs.  I don't know how she knew that it was her turn in the spotlight but she was high as a kite.  I didn't feel nervous at all but she must have been feeding off of something!
Very excited to see all the people there just to watch her!

The first run I ran with not for competition with a toy so that I could reward her contacts and just make sure she had general good focus and attitude.

Because it went so well :)  I did her next 2 runs "for real."  Both were standard agility runs.

Round 1 she missed 2 jumps and started to come into me and run by the weaves, but such a good duckie!  So proud of all her contacts too!

Round 2 was pretty similar.  Orbited around 2 jumps.  Nailed her running dogwalk with a left turn exit but then it was a straight line of jumps.  Zumi took the first jump after the dogwalk and then basically didn't collect at all to actually keep turning and skipped the 2nd jump.  But I was pretty far behind on the weave pole entrance and she nailed a left turn into the poles!  No video :(

Sunday we were back and did 3 more runs.  She seemed quite a bit more rationale and able to think a bit more at the show site. No contact obstacles this time.
Speed Stakes just had jumps and tunnels and round 1 was not so smooth.  There were some difficult lines and Zumi tried hard but just couldn't handle it.  And then she apparently launched her tiny self over the jump WING and not the bar on one of the jumps.  Yup that's about 36in high.  Also not on film.

Round 2 of speedstakes had much nicer lines.  And just 1 jump missed this time, possibly because I really drove into that rainbow jump so she would actually see the bar or maybe just because I yayed.
But look we did rear crosses!  Rears are still pretty hard for Zumi.

Last run of the day was jumpers.  We did our first real lead out!  Although apparently I should have led out a bit further as I was a little late with my front cross.  Ran around another jump. Turning is hard!   But then there was a difficult line after the weave poles and Zumi really did a nice job despite her handler not being far enough ahead to help her!

 I couldn't be happier with how her first trial went.  0 for 6, but such great confidence with the new experience.  Her contacts were even better than I expected too!  I assume there will still be lots of ups and downs with her running contacts training but nailing all of them on Saturday was a huge bonus to my confidence with them!

Only downside to the weekend was Vito.  Vito ran his first run of the weekend as a toy run and was super happy.  But then I noticed him limping slightly on his front right.  Pulled from all of his runs the rest of the weekend :(  I'm sure it's nothing major but UKI is such a great opportunity for us to associate trials with toys and running full speed.

Kristen  – ( April 29, 2016 at 2:56 PM )  

That's so wonderful! As someone with young dogs, I'm continually impressed with how much she can do.

LT  – ( May 3, 2016 at 11:06 AM )  

I do have that speedstakes run where she went over the wing on video if you'd like I can get it to you.

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