Shiny New Titles

The Corgi and the Duck got to play WCRL rally this weekend.  Didn't enter Vito since he's still on the Experiment.

The Corgi was sassy.  He did two level 3 runs on Saturday and two on Sunday.
The first run he reminded me that being retired means you can do whatever you want.  Didn't want to sit for his fronts until I wised up and started telling him before he fully got there.
Run #2 he had fun show boating on the last finish when the audience clapped :)

And there was some barking on pivots and of course backing up.

Good Corgi.  4 for 4 Q's and it finished up his level 3 excellent title (10Q's).  Apparently I haven't entered him in much rally over the years as Lance always qualifies and it still took 5 years.

Showboat at the end.

Duckie's growing up!   Zumi also had two runs Saturday and two runs on Sunday.
She finished up her last level 1 Q and then moved up to level 2.  First time off leash!!

Cute little offered moving stand randomly in the middle of heeling!

Day #2!

The last run of the day was slightly too much for the baby.  She was still a good girl with some pretty darn mature focus.  But there were a few brief look aways and I just could feel her energy a little lower.  But another Q and thus earned her level 2 title this weekend.  Maybe level 3 the next trial in July!

Biggest issue for her this trial was really the slow time.  She wanted to sit in 2 of the 3 runs that had that sign.  Since speed transitions is something I'm still training in practice this didn't surprise me.

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