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The weekend didn't get to go quite as planned.  With Zumi not being able to attend the trial due to being in heat, just Vito and I trucked it up to St. Cloud.  I had thought he was fully recovered from his minor shoulder injury that was effecting him at the UKI trial 3 weeks ago.  Vito had been on full restriction for not quite 2 weeks and then just limited (no toys, no agility) for another week and was looking great.

But sadly he didn't seem his normal (whatever that means for Vito) self at the trial.  Jumpers was his first run and he knocked 4 bars.

There was a vet there doing massage therapy and I took Vito over for a visit.  Still very stiff in his right shoulder.  She did some work and thought Vito looked afterwards.  We discussed running him in standard to see how it would go.
In standard Vito looked better and was certainly very happy, yay!  But knocked 2 bars.  I scratched him from the rest of the day and knew we wouldn't be back on Sunday.  Vito just likes to make nice donations to clubs now.

So today we went off to get in a chiropractic appointment which actually went pretty well and the vet was pleased with how he looked afterwards.  We will hopefully do a few sessions of laser therapy in the next few weeks and hope that a little more active approach will fix it.

Since I wouldn't even know about any remaining issues he's having if it wasn't for the knocked bars, I decided to just keep him on minimal restriction status for now.  Vito's trips to the parks aren't anything like crazy Zumi's trips.

Why won't you throw something!!!

The Mountain Lion was a good girl!  She came every time I called and checked in frequently on her own.

Cougar follows Zumi everywhere, while Zumi tries hard to follow Vito.  Zumi had a harder time losing her shadow than Vito did losing his.

Group shot!

Oh, hi Corgi!  I didn't see you there ;)

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