Cougar Week 2

The little Mountain Lion has been here for almost 2 weeks now.  She's a pretty easy girl for the most part.  Very confident and happy everywhere she goes.  Great being crated in new places.  And just generally calm and cuddly.

A very rare naughty dog moment.

Mostly extremely patient!

The biggest annoyance factor is despite her being a fairly calm puppy, she doesn't have much of an off switch when it comes to playing with other dogs.  Cougar can be absolutely exhausted but if Zumi is around she still wants to latch onto her and play.  Zumi is a bit fed up with her constant antics but unfortunately isn't very good at telling her no!
I am not anti dogs playing but I don't like a lot of it inside my house.  And it's honestly never been an issue before!  Vito really doesn't play with other dogs, especially puppies, and Lance is perfect at playing for just a little bit and then firmly saying he is done.  Zumi apparently isn't to that point in her life yet!  So I've been trying to interrupt them which Zumi immediately listens and seems grateful for.  But then Cougar literally needs forced cuddling time with us to prevent reattachment to Zumi.  Or crate time, but I'm reluctant to crate her much during the weekdays since she is crated most of her time at work.  I am hoping that the wearing off of the newness factor will help getting things to settle down soon!

Training wise we're just having fun doing whatever I feel like.  No real plan or expectations!
Mainly I'm focusing on pivot work because I really love heeling :)  Cougar is really starting to get offering pivoting to heel and on the right side I'm still helping her a lot.
She offered some paw movement from her sad trick I taught last week so this week I expanded on that offered movement to get a little bit of scootching backwards.
Getting in a box is something I do with all my puppies to work both on hind leg awareness and to really get the concept of offering behaviors.  This remains very hard for Cougar to do on any size less than the full box so we're taking it slow.
Fronts we expanded on this week from full luring between my legs to now seeing if she can start to offer the position from tiny angles.  I like between my legs as a foundation as it teaches a tucked sit, straight, and close.
We have also done a few lessons on shaping a retrieve.  I know her mom will eventually force fetch her retrieve but I am hoping I can at least get Cougar to the point where she has a small hold and a short retrieve directly to my hand.
Beginning leave it training was started recently as well as learning to work with her bowl on the ground.  She is much more obsessive about her bowl!

A long video if anyone likes to see the process:

And week 1's video is uploaded too.

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