Nosework- Food Distractions and Interiors

Still plugging away at the boy's nosework practice.  We started splitting out the odors from our cocktail and now both are doing birch only or anise only.  Just haven't gotten out the 3rd tin to work on only clove but I don't expect any issues.

Finally ordered some sealable boxes to officially work towards the ORT test.  Not sure if I'll ever compete in nosework but I at least need concrete goals to work towards.  There was some minor confusion the first session with a partially sealed box and the tin not being visible, but that went away quickly and now both dogs have their boxes sealed.  

And we just started proofing with food in a box!  This is their very first session with food out and I used ventilated containers for both scent and food.  Lance fell for it :)

Vito was pretty solid until I started rattling it:

They continue to get better with find the tin game being on vertical surfaces.  I suspect their search times would get much faster if I actually aged their hides, but I'm not really motivated to do that yet.  So they deal.  This was their first time searching in the bedroom.  Vito finds it pretty darn fast.

Lance picked up on the area but then got lost sniffing in his crate a few feet away for awhile.  He took about 90sec to find the same location.

For being essentially a hands off sport I'm enjoying it more than I thought I would.  Still very last on my list but I'm happy that I'm at least somewhat motivated to stay practicing with it.  I know the Corgi is having fun getting to do something and the Toller is kinda in the same boat right now.  

Cynthia  – ( June 24, 2016 at 7:54 PM )  

Very cool! I've been having fun training nose work too. Your dogs look great. My Connor actually just passed the UKC pre test on birch, and my Jet passed anise. It was the first time ive done any kind of nose work in a trial environment and it was a hoot! So now I want to do more. :-)

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