The naughty toller is a canine good citizen!

This morning Vito took the CGC test. I wasn't sure he was ready to actually pass the 10 items, but I thought it would be a good idea to see where he was at and what he still needs work on. I was also super excited to find out that I could reward in between exercises, just not in the ring :)

Well Vito did amazing! There were a few little "issues" but nothing major. Actually the one I was worried about the most, reaction to another dog, Vito walked perfectly and didn't even look at the other dog while I shook hands! Weirdly though right before we started the "walk on a loose leash" portion of the test Vito suddenly noticed the handler of the "reaction" dog and became very interested. His attention was 100% on Bob so I excused myself from the ring before we started and worked on walking by Bob again and sitting nicely next to him before we came back in and did amazing. Silly toller! Vito also decided that he wanted to eat the brush for the grooming portion, but a quick leave it and Vito learned it wasn't play time yet.

I was also worried about the 3min supervised separation with Vito's anxiety and all so I decided to leave him in a down stay to give him a job to do. Vito actually stayed down for 2min before breaking his stay. That was the longest out of sight stay Vito has ever done! Even after he got up, the evaluator said that he pulled once but was fine.

So Vito passed his test and is now a Canine Good Citizen. Now he has no excuse for his naughtiness :)

Ninso  – ( July 22, 2009 at 9:11 AM )  

Nice! Lok has his. I'd like to try it with Jun at some point. She's getting to the point where she might actually pass, I think.

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