Separation Anxiety Treatment Log Wk11

Week 11 of our SA work.

Day 71: 60sec (ate on and off), 3.5min, 40sec, 50.5min (ate for 35, knocked over camera, in bedroom for rest), 15-N, 60-N.

Good day. It didn't seem like he was scared when he knocked over the camera and was calm when I went in about 10minutes later. We did 50minutes today!

Day 72: 4min, 30, 31min (ate for 15min), 60-N, 30-N, 2.5min-N

I decided to do a shorter session today. Vito only ate for 15minutes, but he seemed fine for the 31minutes I was gone.

Day 73: 2min-N, 60-N, 3.25min-N, 10sec (with new toy), 2min (with the toy), 60min (toy for 1.5min, bully for 1min, on couch with head up for 12min, bedroom for 6min then chased kitty out, couch with head up for 10, bedroom for remainder 30minutes)

Yahoo! We reached the 1hr milestone with Vito today and as far I can tell he didn't whine at all. He didn't chew any bones today and spent most of the time on my bed.

Day 74: No session done.

Day 75: 2min-N, 45sec-N, 3min-N, 30sec-N, 65min (started eating at the 10min mark and was chewing till 30min, then went to bedroom).

Yay! Another trial over an hr, 65min actually! No whining and seemed perfectly fine. He also didn't spend any time on the couch's armrest looking out at the door :)

Day 76: 45sec, 15sec, 75min.

Great! We are up to an 1hr 15min!!!

Day 77: No session done today.

Week 11 Summary:
Finally! This week we increased our time by a third from 47 min to 75 min! I think we are very close to being done completely with this SA thing. I don't know if I am going to do a session every day anymore since it's getting very hard to block out more than an hour every day to sit outside on the porch and wait. But since we are now over an hour of departures this means that I can actually go grocery shopping, or go out to dinner, or have a tiny bit of a life!

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