Separation Anxiety Treatment Log Wk10

Week 10 of Vito's SA log.

Day 64: 3min, 40, 90, I took a break to go to the bathroom :) , 30, 35.5min.

Great, did a 35.5min trial and Vito chewed his bones the entire time. He didn't even stir when the upstairs neighbor came home, left, and came again! Interestingly, he rejected the new, to him, cow ear for the bully stick he rejected most of last week.

Day 65: 30-N, 4.5min (ate for 3min, then went "shopping" for other bones), 30, 20, 39min (ate for 15min, a little shopping, then hopped onto the couch where he alternated bx laying down and standing for remainder of time), 60, 10, 20.

Ok day. Longest trial was 39minutes. He ate for bones for just over a third of the time and then jut waited. Vito looked pretty calm as he was on the couch, but usually was only lying done for 2minutes at a time before standing on the armrest and looking out.

Day 66: 30, 4min, 17.75-N (ate for 10min, then was anxious and doing some whining), 10-N, 60-N, 30-N, 2.5min-N.

Bad. I don't know why he was whining today. It still wasn't bad whining, but he was definitely anxious.

Day 67: 30, 10, 2.5min-N, 30, 40min, 20-N, 60-N.

Good. We did 40 minutes today and he basically ate the whole time. Vito did quite a bit of shopping around between the different bones in the living room, but was nice and calm the whole time. I would have gone a bit longer except he accidenly pulled out the cords from video camera to the tv I'm watching from on the porch and I was afraid that might of scared him. It turns out he was startled but basically went right back to eating.

Day 68: 3.25min-N, 80-N, 3min-N, 7.5min-N (went to bedroom, on bed), 2min-N (back to living room), 30, 20min.

I don't know. I don't think Vito was every anxious at any point, yay, but I found it odd that he went to the bedroom. Since I couldn't see him on the video camera I thought I would go check on him but he seemed fine. After that he started chewing on some bones in the living room as I did the longer trial. Would have gone longer but ran out of time. oh well.

Day 69: 4.25min-N, 50,-N, 6min-N, 43min-N (on and off eating, mainly off).

Ok. He ate his bones very very little this session, but seemed fine. On the long 43min trial he mainly lied down on the living room couch, occasionally standing on the arm rest looking at the door.

Day 70: 4min, 30, 60, 48.5min (ate for 45min).

Yay!!! Vito ate his bones almost the entire time. Wed did a 48.5min trial and Vito ate for 45 minutes and then walked into the bedroom and layed on the bed until I came in!!

Week 10 Summary:
Ok we had a good week again! He only whined one day this week, and the longest trial done was 48.5min! So we added 13minutes this week :)

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