Separation Anxiety Treatment Log Wk12

It has been 12 weeks of Vito's SA program. 12 long weeks....

Day 78:
45sec, 2min, 30sec, 77min (bedroom, then went back to couch after 66min)

Great! We did 1hr 17min and would have gone longer but I ran out of time :) Vito seemed just fine and chewed his bones off and on.

Day 79: 3.5min, 30sec, 15sec, 20sec, 91.5min (living room 10min, bedroom, back to living room for last 15min).

Good. Did just over an hour and a half. Right at the end he stood up on the couch's armrest and looked at the door so I just waited till he lied down again. He seemed fine though and overall was lying down although not sleeping.

Day 80: no session

Day 81: 2min, 60sec, 102min (ate for 60min, then mainly on the LR couch)

Great! Did 1hr 42min and then had to come in since the video camera was over heating :) This was also the longest time Vito ate a bone (60min).

Day 82: no session
Day 83: 30sec, 30sec, 54min.

Yay! This was the first time Vito was left alone "for real" as I actually left for Lance's obedience class and Vito was alone until Adam came home from work. He gave one whine as the kitty harrassed him, but ate his bones off and on. He was actually eating a bone as Adam came home.

Day 84: No session

Week 12 Summary: I didn't do that many trials this week since it's very hard now to block off about 2 hrs to sit outside the house. But Vito is doing very well. The longest trial done was
1hr 42mn! We also did our very first "for real" session as I left him while I went to Lance's obedience class :) I feel that if I can block off some time next week, we can easily get to 2hrs or longer which is really all the time I need to build up to. It would be nice to build up to 6hrs+, but with our current lifestyle he never needs to be left alone that long. Plus i figure that he will probably be ok anyway if he is calm for the first 2 hrs!

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