March Training Plans

I know I'm a little late with writing out my plans thi month, but here it goes anyway.  But first here's my update on how February's goals went:

1. Go outs- I wanted to add in distance for our paw touch to the wall and I did!  Lance has been great at sending to a wall or gate from 20ft away and is going very enthusiastically!  He is punching the wall pretty hard but is doing much better on doing a soft touch to the ring gate so he doesn't knock it over.  I haven't yet added the formal turn and sit aspect yet although I have been clicking and bringing the treat to him so Lance normally sits on his own somewhat near the wall.

With Vito I haven't been doing as much practice with this but we have added some distance in, about 8ft.

2. Side- I wanted the boys to learn how to heel on my right.  Well overall they are both doing well with pivoting in side but walking still needs a lot of work.  They are not crossing over but both of them are being very wide and forged.  So I've been trying to use a wall whenever I can.

3. Random stays- I failed again.  I have been working on Lance staying more but not as often as I'd like and not as random.  I've inserted them back into training sessions and having Lance stay while I train the kitty or Vito, which is very stressful on the corgi but I don't think it's as helpful as the seemingly random in the middle of the day stays.  We have been able to do a few stays in new places.

4. Tricks-  This I have been doing again!  Thanks to the motivation from Go Click Challenge, we have been practicing at least one trick a week.  I've also still been trying Lance's hug a toy trick when I remember but we seem to be stuck.  He is begging and purposefully touching the toy with both of his paws but he still seems to be swiping it down more then trying to grip it.  And Vito still can't limp without the support of my hand.

March Plans
1.  Go outs- Continue building distance.  Add in the turn and sit for Lance but after he touches the wall/ring gate.

2. Scent work- I gotta start training this with the boys.  If anything is going to hold us back from doing utility this is going to be it.  Both have had only a very brief introduction and have a long way to go.  I just haven't been able to motivate myself to train it!

3. Tricks- Do the weekly Go Click Challenge.  Even if the dogs already know the trick there's always a twist I can add to it or work on getting a good verbal cue.  It's fun to do and so far has motivated me the most to train my dogs.  I just need something like this for my formal obedience work!

achieve1dream  – ( March 7, 2010 at 12:04 PM )  

Sounds like you're doing very well! I might have to try that go click challenge since it's helping you so much. Might be just what I need to get motivated. Good luck with the obedience part. The traditional stuff is where I get stuck too. :)

Honey the Great Dane  – ( March 8, 2010 at 5:20 PM )  

Gosh, you're so organised! I wish I could be more like you - I can't even make a list in my head of all the tricks I'm teaching Honey at the moment! When we train, it's like "Uhhh..oh, yeah - let's try this...ok, um...oh, we haven't done this in a while....oh yeah! And I was teaching this ages ago, wasn't I?..."!! I'm such a mood trainer too - there will be weeks when I have clicker sessions every day and other weeks where I hardly train at all. Although I do think it is good for the dogs to have a total break sometimes - Honey often seems to come back much more refreshed & energised.

Stay is one thing we do do a lot of - partly because I use it a lot in all aspects of life and also practise it a lot on our walks. One thing I find very useful as a way of squeezing a stay in every walk is to do it when you're picking up poo! I always ask Honey for a Sit or Down Stay while I take the poo bag to the nearest poo bin - sometimes, this can be a great distance away or out of sight even but because you're pretty much guaranteed to have to pick up poo on every walk, this makes sure we get the Stay practice in - and in different settings, since we do different walks every day and she poos in differebnt places.

I've been teaching Honey to Heel on the right side too! She also forges out wide - we're still working on it!


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