Lance Saturday CPE trial

Lance had another CPE trial today and we have now have enough Q's to qualify for CPE nationals to be held here in MN next year! 

Overall it went well today but have noticed a few issues we will need to work on.
1. Table performance.  Lance blew off his automatic down on the table both times today, didn't even remain standing on it but used it as a launch pad.  I know CPE just uses it to stop time so it doesn't matter, and so far the only other venue we compete in is NADAC who doesn't even have a table.  But still, Lance is not meeting the obstacle criteria that I trained.

2. 4 on the Floor- I am so so happy that Lance seems to be speeding up on the dogwalk and we are losing the hesitation he had started to develop in trials.  But the work I have been doing on an independent 4 on the floor doesn't seem to be transferring to trials yet.  Lance downs as soon as I stop moving, but if I keep running he keeps running.  And twice today Lance needed a verbal questioning of where his "floor" was as he kept moving even after I had stopped.  On the postiive side though, his aframe performance was not as dangerous today as he went down further before hoping into his down.

3. Weaves- I don' think we have have a weave pole issue yet, but Lance needed to be restarted 3 times today.  One was a collection issue as the 2nd obstacle, the second seemed to be a slip?, but the third I have no idea.

Breakdown, for my records
Squirrely.  Came bursting off the line and didn't collect for weaves as my 2nd chosen obstacle.  I tried twice, finally went on when he attempted to weave but a wrong entrance.  A wide turn, but then did both the "jackpots" nicely.  Very fast dogwalk, but would've missed his 4on the floor if I didn't stop and wait.  I screwed up my ending.  Lance launched on and off the table, totally blowing off his automatic down.  We qualified but the whole run felt off and Lance was just disconnected and seriously squirrely.

Colors-Q, 5.055yps
Very nice run, no issues at all.

Standard Rd1- Q, 3.686yps
Beautiful!  I was really proud of him and it felt fast.  He seemed to slip in the weaves and pop out so I restarted them.  His dogwalk was nice and fast with a decent 4 on the floor, with me stopping at the end.

We went for 7,7,6 and it felt ok.  He did two really good rear crosses in hard spots, did 2 good aframes without the slamming into the floor he has been doing.  Screwed up his weaves, but got it the 2nd attempt.  Because of his earlier table performance I told him table-down but he was already jumping onto the floor by the time I finished.  He did lay down right away on the floor, but definetly losing his table performance.

Standard Rd2- Q, 3.397yps
Felt great!  Good teeter, good aframe, fast dogwalk.  But he again totally missed his 4 on the floor. I tried to push it by keeping running and Lance ran with me, he downed once I stopped moving and gave him a dirty look.

Crystal  – ( August 14, 2010 at 9:13 PM )  

Congrats on qualifying for nationals! That's awesome. :)

Muttsandaklutz  – ( August 15, 2010 at 9:19 PM )  

Look out Nationals, here comes Lance! Awesome.

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