Lance Sunday CPE Trial

Daddy ran Lance in 2 out of Lance's 4 events today!  He doesn't ever practice with Lance but I am trying to get him more involved and he actually offered to play without any suggestion from me!  Video at the bottom

Ran with Daddy pretty well.  Totally jumped off the DW, very easy call for the judge, but finally did his down several several feet after the contact.  Ran by the aframe but I think it's more from a lack of information from Daddy then whatever the cause was in the past.  Very distracted during his "floor" and kept looking at the judge.  Weaved for Daddy!

Again ran with Dad and did pretty well.   Adam was a little late in cuing him and Lance took an off course that he was pointed at.  But once they got back on track they finished up nicely.

This time with me.  I thought we started out great.  I did a little stop and called him in order to get him in the right end of the tunnel but I don't think it was necessary and Lance seemed confused by the slow down.  We get an off course and I honestly have no idea why.  I think I was moving in the right direction and had a well timed front cross, but Lance seems to ignore my cues and my pleas to come.  Oh well.

Again with me.  I wanted to try Lance on the dogwalk again after his leap with Dad earlier and Lance does it lovely.  I stop at the bottom so as not to push it.  We knocked the 3rd bar but I think it was due to my poor timing.   When it was time for the gamble he handles the modest distance nicely.

Lance finished up two level 2 titles today (CL2-H, CL2-S) and only needs one more standard Q to be in level 3 for everything now!  So curses on that dogwalk contact with Adam :P

Muttsandaklutz  – ( August 17, 2010 at 8:40 PM )  

Lance's 4otf is so cute! He doesn't have very far to go from standing to lying down -- plop! then up he springs again. Good man! And good man to Adam too! ;)

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