Rally Trials- Sunday

Today was another super day for little guy!  He continued to have great focus on me and pretty good heel position too boot.  We finished up his level 1 today in the first run (209) and moved to level 2 for two runs (205 and 210).  I was extra happy that he had no problems being off leash.  His sits weren't an issue at all today and I felt more comfortable with him on the left 270's/360's.  He was a bit more disconnected the third run but I wasn't that surprised with the very long wait we had.

Here's 2 of Vito's runs, and the part of his run off from yesterday where he started the backward circle :)

I was also happy with both of Lance's runs today in level 3.  The first run we get a 210 and the second run we NQ.  Apparently he anticipated the halt-recall while running exercise but I didn't realize it.  On video I can see how the judge marked it as a break, but it's also hard to tell since it all occurs in 2 fast steps.  On this 2nd run we also have quite awhile of me standing and waiting for Lance at a sign.  I gave him a treat and apparently it got stuck to his tounge or something as Lance keeps lickin and licking, and licking some more.  I didn't know how long to wait for him, so I finally kept going (after 20 seconds!) and Lance still licked away.  I think that's what causes him to miss a moving down and we have to retry it.  At least he stopped licking by the 2nd attempt, 33seconds after that one treat!

Still major forging.  And we didn't get our level 3 title as planned due to our NQ but I'm still happy with how he did today.

Here's two of Lance's level 3 runs, since level 3 is so much cooler then level 2!

Muttsandaklutz  – ( August 5, 2010 at 8:27 PM )  

That Vito sure does wear a smile when he works doesn't he :) Way to go guys!

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