Lance and Chuck's weekend

The other two felt a bit left out so wanted a post of their own.  Both Lance and Chuck got to compete in the long shot competition on Sunday as well!  They entered the impromptu "roller" division, Adam with Chuck and me with Lance.  Chuck went first and used all 3 strikes at the first 10yds as he decided to punch the disc with his paws rather then grab it with his mouth.

Lance had never done any rollers before the day but I quickly went out and practiced with him before hand.  At first he just stared at me, but once he realized I had treats he was all game.  He actually became quite good at grabbing the disc, as long as I had a little cookie for him of course.  He managed to get all of my throws in the "competition" alas all of them were under 10ft.  The third throw was just a hare short so the judges waved us on to the 15yd line and Lance got to go one more time.  He really seemed quite excited by it all!

(picture by Josh Grenell )

Everyone seemed to like camping, even though Chuck was tied up a lot.  Damn Chuckles.

Lance alternated between running around the site, weaving underneath the truck and picnic table, and then soaking in the dirt.

Pepper  – ( September 21, 2010 at 1:01 AM )  

Man, Chucks getting huge! Love that first picture of Lance, so cute

Cinnamon  – ( September 21, 2010 at 1:55 AM )  

I agree with Pepper. Chuck has grown so much!! Now he is much bigger than Lance.

Your posts made me want to learn disks!!

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