September Goals

August Progress:
1. Straight sits- Lance had started to wrap his little tush behind me on his halts and finishes.  I did a lot of right pivots and side stepping to my left so he had to work on pushing his butt out.  I am happy to say that it really has gotten better again.  It's not perfect but at least when he's crooked he's not almost perpindicular to me anymore.

2. Go outs- Again I haven't done as much with this as I wanted to.  I feel like I am motivated to want a complete go out, I'm just apparently not motivated to actually go someplace to do it.  I can only practice this one in my tiny house so much before we stall in progress.  Bad trainer.

3. Scent articles- Fail.  I was lucky if I did it more then once a week in class.  We are obviously no further on confidence with Lance and working on distractions.

4. Tricks-  This is one I did!  Lance and Vito both are really starting to get the "face out" trick where they side step with me while their butt is to my feet.  They both are much better at going left so we're starting to work more sidestepping right and then pivoting while facing out.

We've also worked on "close" where the boys face perpindicular to me, head at my right hand.  We work on moving in a box shape so they side step towards me, back up while I go left, sidestep away from me, and then move forward while I move right.

September Goals:
1. Shape up Vito's obedience to get ready for the novice ring!  I've entered him in Toller Nationals since it's being held here in the Twin Cities in a couple weeks.  Vito will be debuting in novice obedience, akc rally, and akc agility including the standard class!!!  I don't think I would have entered him if it wasn't nationals but since it is I figured I might as well give it a go.  This means that I really have to step up my work with Vito this month since I usually leave him on the back burner when it comes to obedience.  I specifically need other people to be a "judge" for his stand for exam and then to work on Vito collecting himself for his recall so he doesn't step on my feet.

2. Running Contacts- Recommit myself to working on Vito turning off the dogwalk.  He's been doing great with a stick in the ground to show him where to turn, now it's time to start fading the prop.  Oh and on a weird side note, Vito has been STOPPING on the top of the DW when I practice before class.  During class he's fine, but before he has gotten it into his head that I want him to stop.  He just looks at me and waits to be released where he will then run down nicely.  I hate it and I have no idea why he thinks I would ever want this.  It has happened both today in class and last week.

3.  Scent articles- sigh.  Maybe I'll try and get myself to do it before bed everynight.  It can become part of my routine and then maybe I'll actually do them.

4.  Chuck- I've gotten lazy with Chuck and need to remember to work the little dude too.  Now that I'm not feeding him three times a day I don't have that extra forced practice session.  I have gotten approval to teach Chuck any trick I want so I want to start having fun with him.  I'm thinking a rear leg lift and crossed paws...

andrea  – ( September 3, 2010 at 9:09 AM )  

Glad you are getting so much done

nationals should be amazing :)
I can't wait to hear about them

Megan  – ( September 3, 2010 at 10:01 AM )  

I have to MISS the performance day of nationals because I have to work! Will you be there any other days?


achieve1dream  – ( September 3, 2010 at 6:31 PM )  

I am so going back to read all of the posts I missed in your blog, but I'm also reading the current stuff because I'm sick of missing out on what's going on.

I'm excited for the upcoming nationals for Vito. I can't wait to hear how he does.

I don't know how you work with three dogs! I can't even find the time or energy to work with my two. Keep up the great work!

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