Sunday NADAC

Today the boys went to a NADAC trial.  I think it was our last outdoor agility trial of the year and the weather was very windy and a bit chilly off and on.


Vito has grown recently (about 5lbs the last two months!) and I didn't think he would measure under 18in anymore.  It was very iffy at his first NADAC trial the end of May and sure enough he was over today.  I chose to run in skilled and still run him at 16in for a bit longer.  We do practice at 20in during class but my classmate pointed out that the titles are the same and he's still young; there's no rush to jump him higher on the wet grass.

Weavers Novice - Q 
What a bouncy boy!  So happy to be out there, I just wish Vito would focus his energy more horizontal then vertical.  We had to redo the last set of weave poles as Vito didn't get the entry.

Tunnelers Novice  - Q
There's some of the speed from my boy!  We had some wide turns but I felt Vito had some good drive and least he was actually running rather then bouncing.  Yay Vito!

Chances Novice - Q
My favorite run of the day!!!  This was an extremely hard novice distance course as there were two tunnels side by side and the dog had to take the outer one at a moderate distance.  We rear crossed into it, I pressed on the line and was shocked that Vito actually took the right entry!!!  We had a little spin away from me after coming out and I really think it was because Vito thought I was going to do a rear cross.  It actually makes sense due to the way I was facing.  But Vito sends back out and we finish nicely with the weaves at a pretty close distance.  Go Vito!!!!

Jumpers Novice - NQ
There was a delay at the start so I got to rev Vito up a bit before going.  I really think it worked as the first several obstacles were quite a bit faster then he has run in a trial before.  Alas he didn't like my front cross to a serpentine (was I late?) although he took the sequence ok.  I unforunately tried to rush to get another front cross in and pulled Vito off a jump.  When going to fix it he shot into an off course tunnel and we NQed.  The rest of the run went ok although it was an awkward rear cross and Vito never regained his speed.

I really am happy with how Vito is progressing. He was much more focused on me at the startline, seemed more confident and committing to the jumps, and is actually starting to run a bit more than bounce. We're actually qualifying more then we NQ now too!

No video of the first two runs.

Weavers Novice - Q
Lance was very very excited and I thought he had some great speed going.  It was a really nice run as well except for him completely driving by the middle set of weaves.  Not sure why, but we restarted and were fine. 

Regular Open - NQ
I was not happy with this run.  Lance missed an easy aframe/tunnel discrimination to take the tunnel.  Then when I got him on the aframe he did his jump which I don't like but this time he didn't even land into his down.  Then he was slow on the dogwalk and had a really crappy "floor" where he didn't down until several steps after hitting ground.  His contact performances really pissed me off as it is not the criteria I am training.

Tunnelers Open- Q
We had some wider turns but I felt it was a really good run.

Chances Novice - NQ
The same hard chances run that Vito nailed.  I was very happy that Lance also got the two tunnel discrimination challenge but at the end he completely shot by the weave poles.  He crossed the line when I called him back so I went in to help him since we already NQed.  But Lance still couldn't weave and even popped out of them early.  I am not too thrilled since this was the second time today Lance ran by the weaves.

Jumpers Open - Q
A good run with no real mistakes.  He did knock a bar but the judge apparently didn't call it.

Not my favorite trial of Lance's.  We had some weave issues today that bother me but most of all I am worried about his contacts.  Lance did not want to do his 4 on the floor today and is still launching off the aframe at a trial.  He may have hit the yellow today (I think) but it still makes me shudder the impact that has on his joints.

Amy / Layla the Malamute  – ( September 6, 2010 at 1:47 AM )  

First of all - you have the BEST music choices. Every time I hear Broken Boy Soldier, I think of your agility video.

It's so funny/ironic because my brother and I got into a huge debate just two days ago over which was a better song, Locomotive Breath or Cross-Eyed Mary. Finally we both agreed it was Locomotive Breath, and look what's the song?

In Vito's first course, where it was tunnel-hoop-tunnel, he read that BEAUTIFULLY. I'm pretty sure Layla would've just ran straight for the next tunnel, no matter how hard I pulled away.

I only got to run Tunnelers once (I only have done one NADAC day) but I was shocked at how fast Layla went. I guess when they don't have to collect or slow at all, they can really fly.

CONGRATULATIONS on that crazy Chances discrimination! Wow! I'm very, very impressed, and honestly jealous. But not in the mean way, in the, "I so wish I had the knowledge to train my dog to be that good" way. He's amazing!

Sorry you weren't happy with Lance's contact performances or weaves. It's good that you crossed the line to help him in Chances - I think a lot of handlers would've kept trying to work the distance rather than help them out.

Thanks for posting the videos. I really love NADAC, and I love watching Lance & Vito.

Carol  – ( September 6, 2010 at 9:14 AM )  

Fun to see. I'll need measurements for the 'growing' boy for his costume. It will be stretchy this year but best to not try to stretch too much...................

achieve1dream  – ( September 6, 2010 at 11:20 AM )  

I wonder why Lance messed up his contacts and weaves . . . could he have just been excited?

It sounds like Vito did an amazing job! He sure looked good. :) I wish I knew more about agility, but I still love watching your videos. :)

Muttsandaklutz  – ( September 6, 2010 at 3:14 PM )  

Vito!!! He really is starting to extend his bounce into speed, and so happy. A joy to watch.

Sorry about Lance's contacts and weaves. Wish I could offer advice but I'm no expert in either area, especially the darn weaves... But I know what you mean, worrying about Lance's joints when he jumps from higher up. I feel the same about Walter and his "running a-frame" when he doesn't stride fully into the yellow.

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