Grad Open leg #2 for Lance and...Vito showed up

Lance competed in graduate open again today!

Signals- 3pts lost
Heeling went pretty well.  Forgy as usual and this judge docked us pretty hard for it too I thought.  Lance did move a bit on the sit signal but we didn't get any points knocked there.  All 3 points were taken off for forges.

Articles- 2pts
The first time that Lance didn't  drop the article on the return and stare at me!  He did technically drop it still as immediately going to the pile he mouthed it and it rolled, but I don't think he ever really had a grip on it.  I'm also happy he didn't front to the judge as in class this past week Lance did a perfect front to the "judge" and then kept trying to repeat it on further attempts even though I called him to me upon pick up.  Silly corgi.

Glove- 1pt
Yay, Lance didn't even look at the jumps as he did his retrieve!! He did however finish on the judge's command before I could even think about giving him a signal.  

Moving Stand- 1pt
Lance was a bit worried about the judge putting down her clipboard rather loudly before she approached him, but just moved a back foot and she didn't take off anything for it.  His finish was absolutely horrid.

Go Out- 4pts
Once again Lance went out to where the glove was previously.  The gloves weren't placed that far back so unfortunately Lance didn't even get close to the gate to touch it.  He started to turn back towards me so I told him to sit at that moment.  Then when I returned he got up to come to me.  The judge has to ask another judge after we were done to see what to do about that but it was ultimately decided it was just minor points since he already completed the main portion of the exercise.

Directed Jump- 0 pts
Yay Lance!

We qualify with a 189 and our 2nd leg. 

Oh Vito.  We did NOT qualify in Rally Advanced today as Vito decided to crash the measly 12 in jump instead of you know, actually jumping.  In his defense there wasn't that much space between the previous sign and the jump, but it was really pathetic!

Actually the whole run kinda sucked.  Yesterday at the open ring time (we played in the open ring) Vito was just off and a bit slow in everything.  Today was the same.  During the warm up I could get Vito to get into his tug toy and could get some nice heeling out of him with a lot of effort on my part but mostly he just wasn't there.  Making eye contact but a bit laggy, seemed to forget how to halt, even his crappy bump into me halt. 

Amy Carlson  – ( March 13, 2011 at 6:54 AM )  

I thought he looked awesome!!! I can't believe she took THREE points off for forging! Yikes!

Marie  – ( March 14, 2011 at 11:43 PM )  

I love watching Lance work. He looks like he is having a great time with you in the ring. Congratulations on your 2nd leg.

Cynthia  – ( March 24, 2011 at 2:43 PM )  

Congrats on the second leg! For some reason I can't see the video... but I'm in between real computers (mine is getting repaired) So I'll look back later!

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