March Goals

February Progress:
Another lazy month.  I need spring to get here!!!  Did manage to get some work in but the majority of their dinners have been fed out of a dish.

1. Tricks- I wanted to continue Lance's work on holding a toy in his paws but instead I ended up working more on duration of his hind leg lifts.  I also restarted adding in nose targeting while holding his leg up in hopes of getting a hind leg limp.  I found it works better using a target instead of my hand for targeting.  I think Lance is really starting to get it!  He doesn't need my hand pointing to his back leg anymore and will hold it for several seconds.  Still a bit confused about the multitasking but is doing well.  Who knows if it will lead to limping though!

Vito I did a little work on the handstand but not much.  He just really wasn't into working for his dinner much this past month and was lacking energy.  He did learn how to flip on the low lightswitch at work.  Not a real one though, he's too short.

Chuckles I did actually free shape a trick without a prop!  At least the start of one.  We're working on limping with his front leg and are currently on duration of his front left paw while in a stand.

2. Scent articles- I did start work on them again although not as much as I'd like.  Lance has been stressing about them so I've gone back down to a really small pile and standing close by.  It seems to be helping and Lance is happier about them again.  Vito continues to have no issues with this at all.

3. Halts- No idea how to fix Vito's bumps into me.  Haven't worked on it since I don't have a plan.

4. Fronts with the db- Vito actually is coming in closer on his fronts with an object.  Not all the time, or even most of the time, but there are moments where I actually have what I want!  I don't know how since I haven't thought of any new approaches.  Still a major work in progress.

5. Gloves- I did work on them maybe once a week with Vito.  So far the shaking of the glove seems to have disappeared!!  We're working on really speeding up the return and fingers crossed it's eliminated that glove shake.

March Goals
1.  Running contacts and more running contacts.  I swear it's all I'm doing now. 

2. I don't know.  I'm in a winter funk.  No more snow!

Ninso  – ( March 4, 2011 at 12:41 PM )  

Yay! You started working the targeting limp again! I'm really liking this method. Haven't gotten a step yet, but we get a little bit farther every session!

achieve1dream  – ( March 6, 2011 at 6:34 PM )  

I understand the winter funk thing. It depletes me of all energy and inspiration. Here's hoping it will turn into spring for you and your motivation will come back. :) Have fun with the running contacts.

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