UKI Trial

The first UKI trial in the twin cities!  I still don't know what venues I want to compete in with Vito but UKI is on my potential list if we can get more trials here.

Gamblers- NQ
We did the dogwalk twice and both times Vito ran through nicely!  His 2nd one was more confident than the first one so he hit even lower.  Vito slid off the teeter though.  I don't think he's been on a non rubber teeter in a really long time.  I reattempted it and then Vito hesitated a bit before going to his 2o2o.  3rd time was the charm.  Oh and he also popped out of this weaves in the middle but I apparently didn't notice as I was surprised to hear the judge call out a zero.  His gamble was good but he knocked the last bar so no Q.

Agility- NQ
Not a good run.  Vito was very distracted at the start, again, and even jumped really really weird for the first jump.  He actually landed on all 4 feet.  And then he fell off the dogwalk for the 2nd weekend in a row, of course this one was not rubberized.  Unfortunately I totally saw coming as I didn't shape a very good line to the dogwalk and I saw him going up at a bad angle.  Poor guy :(  I wasn't quite sure what to do as he seemed ok and I don't think UKI doesn't let you redo obstacles on runs not declared for training.  Vito chose to do the outside loop of the teeter, and then the aframe to be done.

Snakes and Ladders- Q
Again not the greatest run.  I had successfully gotten Vito more revved up and focused on the obstacles at the start line but then he found his daddy with the video camera.  He was just staring at Adam and doing some screaming at the start line.  If I would have been thinking I could have tried switching what side I started on to be in between the dog and his dad, but I wasn't.  And Vito did the first jump and then screamed his way to jump on the divider and bark at Adam.  More screaming as I tried to get him to do the 2nd jump.  The rest of the course went ok but Vito was doing more bouncing than running.  His dogwalk wasn't great but it wasn't a leap.  He just didn't run it confidently and took an extra stride.  I guess I'm jut happy that he somewhat ran it despite falling off his last attempt.

Sunday's only run.  Vito was slow again and a bit wide.  Also hesitated on geting into his 2o2o on the teeter.  The dogwalk was a very nice contact but he still wasn't really running it and added an extra stride.  I completely shaped the approach to it as I saw the angle was the exact same as yesterday's and didn't want to risk another fall.

Despite all my negative comments above I was pretty happy with how he did this weekend.  He listened well and made all his dogwalks despite being a bit hesitant.  All aframes were excellent!  Things to work on:
- Have Daddy come to more classes and stand with a video camera.
- We need to work on better attention at the startline.  As soon as Vito thinks we're ready to go in the ring he stops wanting to tug.  He'll take treats and will focus on me but I think the lack of tugging is the first sign that when we walk in the ring he wants to check out all the people.  He will stay but usually doesn't sit very quickly and doesn't keep his attention on the ring in front of him.  This has been an ongoing issue at trials.  I have had some success by getting him to watch the dog running in front of him but that's not really addressing the issue.
- and of course more experience on different dogwalks and teeters.

The corgi did 3 runs this weekend since we're still retraining his contacts.  No Q's.

Gamblers had an aframe in the gamble and we ran by it, his choice.  I didn't support it at all except for a little arm that way late anyway and was ok with Lance's decision to skip it.

Steeple chase was a nice run but of course he stuttered quite a bit and knocked a bar.  Only one at least!  At one point he also thought I wanted a rear cross so ended up back jumping it when he saw I did not.

Snooker I was really happy with and we made it through the opening with 3 7's.  Then I completely screwed up and decided I could make a front cross out of a straight tunnel and I was way late.  I got in his way and he knocked a bar.  

Catalina  – ( March 27, 2011 at 6:45 PM )  

I wanted to go watch this trial! *grrr stupid work*
Scary about Vito falling off the dogwalk - I hope he is Ok.

Muttsandaklutz  – ( March 27, 2011 at 9:52 PM )  

UKI, cool -- we haven't had any of those in my area yet. Well, sounds like there was some good stuff to take away from this trial. I especially loved Lance's Snooker run -- he was sure on fire! Hope Vito's okay after his dw fall!

Shenna Lemche AKA Project Leader  – ( March 30, 2011 at 7:55 AM )  

Thanks for sharing video and your experience. I had to pull from this show last minute and was REALLY bummed!

Cynthia  – ( April 4, 2011 at 2:38 PM )  

I plan on trying a UKI trial in... err... this month I think. Things are too busy. LOL. Sounds like you had fun. :)

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