Saturday CDSP/APDT

4 Runs today and 4 new titles.  But not all good news.

CDSP- Novice B
The corgi actually heeled pretty decently.  Wasn't wide on the about turn and didn't show of his forgyness on the haults.  Started to get excited on the last turn as we were heading to a jump but he popped back to me when I halted.  He shot off on the figure 8 as a great example of why I go right.  The rest of the figure 8 went well except for a being a bit wide after the first post.  On the moving stand Lance went on the judge's order to forward and thus was quite the forge when I stood him.

The judge was VERY generous and gave us a 199 and the novice title.  We'll never see that score again! 

Several hours later Lance got to play in rally!  He didn't get much of a warmup so was very excited to be in the ring.  Forging wasn't too crazy.  Of course he barks on the back up in heel and practically does it without me.  This was level 3 title.


CDSP- Novice B
I could not get Vito up at all before this run.  He would pay attention but we were not connected in any way, he would not tug with me in his typical crazy manner, and while he was eating treats he really wasn't working for them. 

The run itself wasn't horrible.  While he didn't do the fast time, Vito did heel decently with me  for the rest of the (short) pattern.  He was very innatentive at the start of the off leash figure 8 but while I thought he was a bit laggy at the start of each outside turn it wasn't a bad figure 8.  Decent moving stand and better attention at the start.  Recall over the jump had a crooked front but good finish.

I was shocked to hear us call back for a run off as I didn't feel our performance was that fantastic.  Unfortunately Vito did much worse the second time going through the pattern.  Still not horrid but he was lagging even more than earlier.

The judge was very generous and gave us a 197 for our 3rd q and new title.

We had several hours before Vito's turn in the rally ring.  He crashed in his crate a good portion of the time and then cuddled with either me or Daddy.  Completely passed out.  I was feeling a bit more optimistic as I was able to get Vito more into his tugging (still not growly tugging like normal) and heeling really nicely for me during our warmup.  He still was flat when not being warm uped, but at least he was giving me a nice performance when training.

Our turn in the ring was not our greatest moment.  Vito actually walked to me on a short recall. He did not want to do anything fast time, not the greatest attention, slow to sit,  and didn't even do his left pivot with gusto and he loves that move.  We did have a few nice moments, but overall Vito was just done.  The food bowl figure 8 really especially seemed to stress him and usually my dogs work harder when distractions are on the floor.  The video doesn't look bad but it's not the Vito I know.

He scored a 203 with 4pts lost for lagging and 3pts for a dropped treat.  This was his 3rd leg and title.  I had planned on moving him up to level 3 but pulled him from his last run.

Moving Forward
Lance for sure will be back playing tomorrow in CDSP doing open.  I'm very excited about the opportunity to reward a go out during a trial!  Depending on how I feel Vito's doing at the trial he could be doing some more rally, otherwise I'll give the runs to Lance.  I am a bit bummed about Vito's lack of drive today but I'm not worried yet.  Hopefully with more time he'll become even less anxious with being left alone and be less sedated.

Robin Sallie  – ( April 17, 2011 at 7:45 AM )  

I hope to be there long enough to see your pack work today!

Lindsay  – ( April 17, 2011 at 12:38 PM )  

I LOVE Lance's attention on you while you guys are heeling! It looks so cool!

Sorry about Vito's off performances. I can definitely empathize with that.

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