I decided to pull Vito from his runs today.  He seemed more up then yesterday and would even do a little bit of growly tugging but it still took a lot to maintain his drive.  Vito was perfectly content to lie down whenever and just hang out so I let him.

CDSP- Open #1
Lance moved up to open today and did 2 runs.  He was very excited to be in the ring but actually heeled pretty well!  I chose to do u-turns today instead of about turns to keep him on his toes and because he just likes them :)  I screwed up the running broad jump and it resulted in Lance doing an auto finish.  I realized that I didn't actually tell him to front until he was already going to heel position and Lance is so used to my backing up being a correction for forging, thus backing up=go to heel.  Sorry corgi!  On the drop on recall Lance was excited to try some directed jumping and actually took the broad jump but then downed nicely after.  Both retrieves went well except he ticked the high jump.  And then the best part was Lance doing a fantastic go out complete with a paw touch to the gate!  I was so proud of him!

The judge was very generous to us and didn't take off any points for his bonus jump on the drop on recall since he dropped right away and no points for the touch to the gate although I suppose she might not have caught it.  I know it's not AKC but I was still shocked at getting a 195 for our first leg!

I was more worried about this run as the ring was set up to be doing 3 of the exercises towards the crowd.  Lance didn't seem to care except for the go out.  He shot off nicely but I don't think he ever locked onto a location since with the busy background.  And then he broke his sit on my return so lost 7pts for his go out.  Everything else went well and there were no jumps in line for Lance to consider taking on the drop on recall :)   We qualify with a 191.

APDT- 1B & 2B
Since I didn't want to waste all of Vito's runs I entered Lance in level 1 and 2 to get a double q.  I'm not all that thrilled with APDT's titling structure as I would rather continue to play in level 3 but figured our runs should at least count towards something.  Lance did very well, scoring 210 in both levels.  At one point he briefly tried to cut behind me and I can't fully figure out why.  I was looking down at a sign and perhaps Lance saw that as a cue I was going to give him a treat which I always do on the right hand side now during heeling.

Lynnda  – ( April 17, 2011 at 10:41 PM )  

I watched one of Lance's APTD runs and his heeling was very flashy and *not* forged. He really looked like he was enjoying himself -- the attitude we love from our dogs in the ring. [Of course Corgis usually have attitude to spare...
Lynnda L

Cynthia  – ( April 21, 2011 at 12:26 PM )  

He looks great! Congrats on the high scores too. I have never seen CDSP or APDT obedience so it's fun to watch. though I think some of your videos are blocked at my work, you got nakid dogs on those? LOL

Cynthia  – ( April 21, 2011 at 1:11 PM )  

Are you giving treats in the ring? Wow.

Laura, Lance, and Vito  – ( April 21, 2011 at 1:17 PM )  

Yes I really like CDSP and APDT because of how relaxed they are. you can treat in the ring in between exercises (CDSP obedience) or at the end of certain signs (APDT rally). In both you are also encouraged to praise your dog while they're working. Perfect venues for getting a new dog a positive ring experience or for reinforcing hard exercises in the ring. This was Lance's 1st straight go out and I was able to reward it!

Most of the exercises are the same in CDSP as to AKC but there are some differences such as the go out in the open class and the elimination of group stays. Scoring is not quite as rigorous so I like the venue more as a stepping stone for getting ready for AKC obedience. APDT rally is actually harder than AKC rally though, minus the treats.

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