Vito the pointer

Every evening the dogs work for their dinner.  Lance goes first or he starts trembling and is just pathetic.  Then Vito.  And well Chuck gets a little bit of training too.  But Chuck isn't as careful with his kibble as the others.  I guess that whale of a mouth he has just isn't as accurate as it would seem as kibble is always falling to the floor that he misses.  Once on the floor Chuck some how thinks it's a leave it even though I always release him to it.  Bless his tiny lab brain.

Vito watches our training intently.  But he is a good boy and just points to the lost kibble.  Usually I don't know we're missing one until I see Vito staring.
Lance would pounce on any kibble if he thought I wasn't looking. 
 But as soon as Lance knows that I too see the kibble he plays the eye contact game.
Lance will maintain eye contact no matter how much it pains him.
Vito needs a prompt.  And another one.  But then he'll make eye contact for a second.  Lance continues to plead

Sadly this is a post I did a few months ago but never published.  Vito's appetite still isn't back since he started his meds.  The past two weeks we have gotten to him eat most of is meals as we have switched foods for him. His weight isn't back up yet but at least he's not losing any more.  Perhaps he associated the old Clomipramine with his Taste of the Wild and that's why he refuses it.

Amy / Layla the Malamute  – ( April 5, 2011 at 10:52 PM )  

I'm so sorry his appetite isn't back. Awhile ago, my doctor tried prescribing me Effexor to help me sleep, with the idea that I can't sleep due to anxiety and Effexor was also indicated for General Anxiety Disorder. It didn't have any affect on my sleeping, but it completely wiped out my appetite. I constantly felt full, like I had just eaten a huge meal.

I hope he gets it back soon!

Regarding your comment, we have worked a bit on distance in class but nothing as crazy as that send bonus! I need to hardcore work on that. I'm pretty certain that if it was just 3 obstacles in a row she'd take them, but not the weave poles yet.

Also really like your idea of figuring out which behaviors will result in leaving the ring, which I'll let go and which I'll stop on course for. I also was so surprised at her breaking the stay that I let it go, but after working on it more, I will leave the ring if it continued. I practiced it at the practice jump a bit (we did one FAST run before hurting my foot - didn't Q but she held her start line!). It's a great plan so I won't worry about being taken off guard.

I'm so excited - as long as I'm able to go up to Massachusetts in 3 weeks for that obedience lesson, there's a nearby obedience trial the following day that's offering Beginner Novice that I entered. Ann's doing Utility A, Laura (the other person coming) is doing Graduate Novice and I'd be doing Beginner Novice A, as long as I'm able to walk! It'll be great if I can since that class is so hard to find.

Catalina  – ( April 5, 2011 at 11:26 PM )  

Oh my that last picture is so cute! I never realized how big Lance's ears are. So sweet!
I hope Vito starts to feel better soon :(

Pepper  – ( April 6, 2011 at 4:55 AM )  

Not at all to do with your post (although those picttures are very cute) but about the colourful tile thingamees that you have on the floor, they look like a great idea! I'd love to get some for one of our rooms, no idea if you can get them here though. Do they wipe clean or are they absorbant? And do they get ripped up with the dogs claws? I'm sorry to hear about Vito's appetite, must be bloody hard for you.

Ninso  – ( April 6, 2011 at 10:48 AM )  

Your dogs are such characters! I love the pained expression on Lance's face and how Vito just sits and stares at it! Kinda sad that a single kibble has so much value to a dog!

Cristina  – ( April 6, 2011 at 2:20 PM )  

Fantastic image captures. Your narration is classic, but the second image tells all. I've been away from your site too long!

I need to catch up and find out why Vito is on meds...

achieve1dream  – ( April 6, 2011 at 7:55 PM )  

That is too cute! :D I love your dogs.

I'm glad a change of food seems to be helping his appetite. I hope he puts weight back on.

Cynthia  – ( April 21, 2011 at 1:22 PM )  

Very cute 'pointers'. :)

We have soft tile floor like that too. Very nice for training. had it in the basement until lucy got MegaE and threw up all over it and made it gross to clean. :p

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