NADAC agility trial

NADAC trial with the boys today.  Fiona went along for the ride and was happy to be kidnapped by puppy lovers.  She certainly has more bounce than Chuck ever did!

I was happy with how Lance did on both of his runs today.  Hoopers was first and I planned a nice flowy course.  Unfortunately I didn't support one of them enough and we had to redo the first test and I ended up improvising the rest of our course.  I guess I pulled it off ok and Lance just barely came in under time to his Q and novice hoopers title.   Lance's 2nd run was Open Chances.  He did the first part of the distance challenge great but then I wasn't far enough ahead to support a layered jump coming out of a tunnel and Lance jumped towards me instead.  Oh well.

I guess Vito did ok on his 4 runs.  He wasn't all that into tugging with me although he did want treats.  His lack of energy showed as he bounced or jogged around the courses.  I thought we were getting over that phase with him but I guess not really trialing all summer has set us back.  Hopefully it's just a confidence issue and putting him in more trials will get him back running full speed.

Oh, and Vito also ran off in Regular 1!  I was actually able to get him revved up before starting and Vito did the first 4 obstacles great, until he took off to say hi to the judge for a second.  Came back and did 2 more obstacles until he sniffed the tunnel upon exiting.  He knocked a sandbag off on the exit so I'm not sure if that's what attracted him for the brief sniff or what.  While Vito HAS ran off to say hi to Daddy in the past, he has never gone over to a judge or worker and has never sniffed any equipment. 

On the positive side, all dogwalks and all aframes were gorgeous.  Luckily all the DW exits were mostly straight ahead except for one which had an off course attraction to pull Vito towards.  But I was able to turn hi gorgeously on the flat!  He also got all his weave poles on the first attempt!

Vito qualified in Novice Hoopers and Open Reg 1.  We knocked a bar in Open Regular 2, and by Open Chances he had zero obstacle focus so I just ran with him. 

andrea  – ( September 1, 2011 at 11:56 AM )  

Congrats - two titles and more qs plus info to use for the future - sounds like a good trial to me :)

Sadie Hart  – ( September 3, 2011 at 5:30 PM )  

Congrats!! You guys rocked that weekend. Awesome job all around. ^_^

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