The Weekend Events

Saturday- MN Disc Dog Star Jam
Vito's going to ruin me for any future disc dogs!  I am learning to throw low so Vito has no crazy thought of doing a spectacular somersault for the disc and still missing.  And it worked.  Only 1 spill and he caught most of the discs, although in a very boring but safe way.

Sunday- CPE Trial
Our first agility trial since April.  Lance was entered in 3 runs and Vito in 1.  I picked the games for Lance so he wouldn't have to do the dogwalk or aframe during our wreck of training running contacts.  Unfortunately in Colors I had the choice of doing the course with the dogwalk and then flip to a tunnel, or a straight exit off the dogwalk and then the aframe later.  I chose the flip and planned to turn him late.  I am happy to say that Lance hit the contact without any spectacular leap and even turned away from me... into a different tunnel.  And then besides our usual stuttering issues, jumpers and full house went well.

Vito was entered in jumpers.  I wasn't holding out much promise for our run since Vito was once again obsessed with the astro turf at the arena.  It took him a long time to focus on me and take his toy or treats during our warm up.  All Vito wanted to do was roll on that sweet grass.  It shocks me every time since Vito doesn't roll around on normal grass/dirt/smelly things ever!  I feel like the run started really well and Vito was actually running instead of jogging like he sometimes does at trials. But then I lost him for half a second to sniff the grass.  He connected with me right away again but lost his speed.

Ninso  – ( August 17, 2011 at 9:13 AM )  

Vito did great! And he will make you an even better handler for future disc dogs. We have to adjust our throws and playing style for each dog we have. That's been true of all three of mine. And the fact that you've had to work so hard with Vito puts you ahead of someone who can toss a disc any which way and their dog will grab it.

Kathy  – ( August 26, 2011 at 9:25 AM )  

Hummm, actually throwing in a certain way and making it good for the dog.....humm, great idea, LOL, my dogs would love if I could learn to throw decently-sounds like you are doing well! ;-)

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